'Zuma has highest respect for democracy,' says sushi king Kunene

18 May 2015 - 17:30 By Times LIVE

Former Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) member and co-founder Kenny Kunene, who once called president Jacob Zuma a 'monster' and a 'tyrant', has changed his tune - and now says that Zuma has 'the highest respect for democracy'.

The Sushi King and extravagant businessman was speaking at an event ahead of a panel discussion titled “Just Julius” at the Franschhoek Literary Festival over the weekend, the Citizen reported.

“There are serious problems in this country and the problem is not Jacob Zuma. We can write open letters to Jacob Zuma; we can do cartoons of his private parts; we can insult him as politicians in parliament; we can insult his family, [but] he has the highest respect for democracy,” said Kunene.

Kunene had previously called Zuma a “monster” and a “tyrant” in an open letter in June 2013.

Kunene also took a swipe at EFF leader Malema. He said: “At the moment he [does] not even have administrative power; what do you think he will do when he has administrative power?"