South Africa would be better off without Zuma: Barbara Hogan

11 December 2015 - 19:10 By Times LIVE

'I think this country would be far better off without this man as our president, and I say that with sadness,' ANC stalwart and struggle veteran Barbara Hogan said of Jacob Zuma.

Hogan has lambasted the ANC in an interview with Radio 702's Stephen Grootes and said that "there is still alot that is good in this country... But when a president starts behaving in this kind of way, we need to be very worried. We are on a slippery slope."

According to GroundUp Hogan also spoke at a mosque, calling for the ANC to sack the present.

"This week a line was crossed in an arbitrary act by the President by dismissing Minister Nene," she said at the Claremont Mosque.

"Ordinary citizens must rise up and say enough is enough. The majority do not have enough to survive. Corruption robs them. ... Our institutions that were meant to protect us are being destroyed slowly, slowly, slowly," Hogan said at the Claremont Mosque.

Hogan was responding to President Zuma's decision to sack Nhlanhla Nene as Finance Minister.

The decision has not had positive effects on the economy, sending the rand into free fall and withering the bond market.

Both have hit record lows.

A local trader described the rand and bond markets as a "bloodbath" following Mr Zuma’s decision.

"The worst part about the whole affair is that the president has refused to give reasons for his axing of Mr Nene. Unknowns always end up having a poor effect on markets."

Hogan is the wife of Rivonia trialist Ahmed Kathrada, and has been a member of the ANC since 1976. She was detained in 1982 for 'furthering the aims of a banned organisation'.

She was the first woman to be found guilty of high treason by the apartheid government, and was sentenced to ten years in prison.