Yengeni drunk driving arrest details couldn't have been falsified: police

12 February 2016 - 17:09 By Jenna Etheridge
Tony Yengeni. File photo.
Tony Yengeni. File photo.
Image: City Press / Lucky Nxumalo / Gallo Images

Sergeant Jonas Gomba testified last month about taking Yengeni into custody for drunk driving in 2013.

Advocate Dirk Uijs, for Yengeni, then accused Gomba of manufacturing details of the incident in his pocket book. 

Officers use the book to record details of incidents in case they have to testify in court.

The State called two witnesses on Friday in an attempt to lay this accusation to rest.

Warrant Officer Melvin Loggenstein testified that he gave Gomba the pocket book in question and put a date stamp and signature on it. 

When the 77 pages were full, Gomba had to hand it back in to get a new one.

Asked if details in this book could have been falsified, he replied: "That is not possible."

Prosecutor Leon Snyman then called Metro Police Superintendent Jean Hesqua to the stand.

"Do you know of any influence that is placed upon any witnesses in this matter to incriminate Yengeni?" he asked.

"No," she replied.

Uijs said he would cross-examine these witnesses at a later stage.

Source: News24