Tenders no longer advertised in newspapers: Zuma

18 February 2016 - 17:17 By Genevieve Quintal

Adverts for government tenders will no longer be placed in newspapers, President Jacob Zuma said on Thursday.

The president, during his reply to the State of the Nation Address debate, said the use of a tender portal would be compulsory for all departments from April 1.

"This means that all tenders will be advertised in one place and will be accessed free of charge.

"Government tenders will thus no longer be advertised in newspapers and this will be another cost saver for government," Zuma said to applause and cheers from ANC MPs.

The office of the chief procurement officer was also operational and all suppliers doing business with government would only have to register once off.

"This reduces the cost for suppliers as they do not have to go to multiple institutions if they wish to do business with government."

Zuma said statistics showed that procurement reforms were already bearing fruits and saving the state hundreds of millions of Rands.

"For example school building designs have been standardised nationally... we will no longer be building schools at a cost above R30 million," he said.

Source: News24