Limpopo chief burns ANC Zuma T-shirt over Nkandla, Guptas

30 March 2016 - 10:48
By Tivani Qhivi

A Limpopo traditional leader has publicly set alight an ANC T-shirt bearing President Jacob Zuma’s face, saying he has grown tired of the Nkandla issue and the ANC leader’s alleged links to the Guptas.

During burning of the T-shirt on Sunday, Hosi Hasani Mavambe, of the Mavambe Traditional Authority in Malamulele, told his people that he was joining the Economic Freedom Fighters with hopes that they will restore dignity to South Africa.

"I'm tired of the ANC and its corruption; that's why I have decided to join the EFF. Everyday in the news we read and hear about Nkandla and the Guptas, I believe that the EFF is the only party to restore the dignity of this country because our country has turned into a joke. Other countries are laughing at us," said Mavambe.

Mavambe said he has previously served under the Gazankulu homeland system, which provided better services to its people before the ANC got into power.

Quoting a Biblical portion that speaks about Joshua telling his people that he and his family “shall serve the Lord,” Hosi Mavambe said: “As for me and my household, we will support the EFF in the upcoming local elections.”

EFF member of the National Assembly, Emmannuel Mtileni, welcomed the chief to his new party.

House of Traditional Leaders chairperson in Vhembe region, Hosi Busa Nxumalo, said Hosi Mavambe had a right to join a party of his choice.

Vhembe ANC regional secretary Khathu Netshifhefhe said it was sad to see a traditional leader burning an ANC T-shirt.

“As the ANC, we feel very bad about what he has done, but we also understand that he has a right to political association and affiliation and we hope that there is still a chance to persuade him,” said Netshifhefhe.

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