Senzo Mchunu lambasted for ‘attention seeking’ by ANC

18 January 2017 - 18:35 By Nathi Olifant

Internal ANC factionalism has resulted in senior party members shooting off their mouths‚ a political analyst has said.

Political analyst Thabani Khumalo was speaking after a war of words erupted between ousted KwaZulu-Natal ANC chair and premier Senzo Mchunu and the provincial ANC leadership.

At the centre of the controversy is Mchunu's comments on the party's contentious succession battle.

Mchunu was quoted by Eyewitness News (EWN) on Wednesday as saying he did not see why deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa should not be next in line to lead the organisation.

Mchunu was labelled by the ANC as "attention seeking" for speaking about the succession saga.

"The fact of the matter is that ANC structures appear to have collapsed and that has forced members to speak outside because they are not heard inside because there is a huge element of mistrust. This is where a consultative conference is more urgently needed as called by the veterans‚" said Khumalo.

Speaking to The Times‚ Mchunu however said he was not willing to nominate a candidate in the controversial succession battle.

“Basically‚ I don’t talk names and I did not talk names to the people who interviewed me. All I said was when we say we are ready for the woman president‚ what then happens to the traditions and principles for example that a deputy president succeeds the president to allow for smooth transition?” said Mchunu.

However‚ Mchunu‚ who was defeated by current chair Sihle Zikalala in one of the most bruising political battles in KZN in November 2015‚ told The Times that his response to a question about a woman president in the succession battle was that the ANC had clear principles to guide the party on succession.

He was quoted by EWN as saying: “Currently‚ there is a deputy president who is Cyril Ramaphosa‚ who is eligible.”

However‚ KZN ANC spokesman Mdumiseni Ntuli lambasted Mchunu questioning his credentials and who he was speaking on behalf of.

"If you are a member of the organisation you just don't speak anyhow. Who was he speaking as? He's not veteran. Or is he a seasoned cadre? Which branch had mandated him to speak on ANC issues? He's a man who displayed disrespect for the president and walked out when he was arriving in KwaDukuza‚" said Ntuli.

Mchunu who has kept a low profile since May last year‚ made a surprise appearance at the KwaZulu-Natal ANC 105th celebration in KwaDukuza on Sunday‚ but left after Zuma's unscheduled arrival.

“I had a prior engagement and I had not planned to stay longer anyway‚” he said.

Ntuli said perhaps Mchunu's utterances were as a result of his failure to stay and listen to the president caution members about commenting about the succession debate.

"The president even cautioned the [ANC] women's league on their endorsement. He [Mchunu] missed this important advice and left without listening. Even if the organisation has mistakes you do not act in a manner that distorts its principles no matter how flawed you think it is‚" he said.

Khumalo said Ntuli's words were harsh considering that they were directed at a senior leader in a province where divisions are high.

"I would rather have him attacking issues rather than an individual‚" said Khumalo.

On the issue of whether President Jacob Zuma was still a good leader for the party‚ Mchunu had said: "All I said was that there was a need to change direction.”

Mchunu‚ a former ANC provincial secretary‚ was chairperson of the ANC from March 2013 to November 2015 and was axed as premier in May 2016. He has refused to be deployed by the ANC ever since following internal differences.

His wife Thembeka‚ a former mayor of uThungulu District Municipality‚ now King Cetshwayo District‚ was redeployed to the same council as a member of Exco.

Mchunu’s name has appeared several times on Ramaphosa’s slate in his top six as deputy secretary-general.

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