SARS wants Davis removed from tax committee

10 March 2017 - 13:38
By TMG Digital

The South African Revenue Service (SARS) has called for Judge Dennis Davis to be removed from a tax committee and is considering lodging a complaint with the Judicial Service Commission against the judge.

In a story headlined‚ “SARS at risk of imploding”‚ Fin24 quoted Davis‚ who heads the Davis Tax Committee‚ addressing a conference on tax evasion and illicit financial flows and saying‚ “The biggest problem we face in South Africa today is an erosion of the integrity of SARS.”

The conference was organised by an NGO‚ the Alternative Information Development Centre‚ and was addressed by other experts but SARS’s statement on Friday singled out Davis for his “unprovoked and unwarranted attacks”.

SARS accused the judge of pursuing a “patently false narrative”‚ and expressed shock that the head of the tax committee would do so.

It said that “the relationship between SARS and Judge Davis has intolerably and irretrievably broken down as a result of Judge Davis’ statements”.