Khoza defies ANC authority‚ responds yet again on Facebook

26 July 2017 - 20:18 By Neo Goba
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ANC MP Makhosi Khoza.
ANC MP Makhosi Khoza.

Hours after the African National Congress in KwaZulu-Natal charged MP Makhosi Khoza with two counts of ill-discipline for statements she made in four Facebook posts‚ she yet again defied the authority of the party.

On Wednesday evening‚ Khoza used the very same platform to air her views about the party leadership.

"I’m being persecuted because I can no longer tow [SIC] the party line. I cannot accept corruption‚ looting‚ a disregard for the people who brought us to power and the propping up of growing Kleptocracy. My ANC suffocates reason‚ morality and ethical behaviour‚" said Khoza.

Khoza was slapped with two counts of ill-discipline for her posts on July 7‚ 20 (two posts) and 21 as well as remarks she made on July 18 at the Conference for the Future of South Africa in Johannesburg‚ which was organised by Save SA.

"My statements in the recent past simply mirror that which millions of South Africans have been saying‚ they have had enough. To side with the ANC of today requires me to disregard my moral fibre. I am no longer willing to be an apologist for an organisation and a leader that has lost its way‚" Khoza said.

"Earlier today I received formal notification of the disciplinary charges the ANC in KwaZulu Natal has chosen to level against me. This morning‚ Comrade Ravi Pillay telephoned me to inform me that the disciplinary hearing will take place on 10 September 2017. I am consulting with my attorney on this matter‚" she lamented on Facebook.

She went on to say that in the recent past‚ several senior ANC officials including members of parliament‚ had publicly raised their concerns regarding President Jacob Zuma.

Khoza questioned why no action had been taken against those individuals as they too‚ outside of party structures‚ had spoken out against Zuma and called for him to step down.

"The ANC will need to explain why I am being singled out…The ANC will not tolerate dissenting voices and these charges are proof of that. I was raised in an ANC that spoke truth to power. I spoke truth to power in the 80s and 90s and I want to belong to an ANC that still values its founding principles‚" she added.

The former provincial ANC spokeswomen said despite not agreeing with the nature of the charges‚ she will appear before the disciplinary hearing although she is not confident that it will be a fair process.

"As a life-long and loyal member of the ANC‚ I respect the processes of the organisation and I will attend the disciplinary hearing‚ as is required. I do‚ however‚ have significant reservations as to the fairness I can expect of the process‚ considering senior leaders within the ANC have publicly called for my dismissal‚" she added.

Khoza will appear before a disciplinary hearing on September 10‚ in Durban.

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