Mashaba hopes name Ronnie Mamoepa will inspire new generation of leaders with integrity

29 July 2017 - 15:57
By Timeslive
Herman Mashaba. File photo.
Herman Mashaba. File photo.

City of Johannesburg mayor Johannesburg Herman Mashaba has expressed the hope that the name Ronnie Mamoepa inspires a new generation of leaders with integrity‚ humility and dedication.

Paying tribute on Saturday to the government spokesman who died this week and was a personal friend of his‚ Mashaba said Mamoepa‚ a former political prisoner‚ freedom fighter and gifted government communicator‚ sacrificed his life for South Africa.

“He always believed the best in our beautiful country and its people. He never lost faith in a better and brighter tomorrow.

“At a time‚ when our country is facing so many enormous challenges and so many of its people are losing hope‚ we need the name of Ronnie Mamoepa to echo throughout our country. We need to educate our people on who this great man was.

“Long may his memory live and may the name‚ Ronnie Mamoepa‚ inspire a new generation of leaders with integrity‚ humility and dedication. Selfless leaders‚ who put the interests of our people ahead of their own‚” Mashaba said.

He said Mamoepa was someone who‚ over the past two decades‚ had become more than just a partner and friend to him‚ but a brother and a confidant.

“Ronnie truly lived a life of value. A principled man‚ who always put the interests of others ahead of his own. He was someone committed to public service‚ indeed it was his life.

“Even under the most serious of situations‚ Ronnie never allowed his emotions to get the better of him‚ and his friendly‚ joyous and humorous character was always on display.

“Ronnie could light up a room with his humour and he would have everyone in stiches. What a truly incredible quality to have.

“But more than anything else‚ it was Ronnie’s integrity that struck me the most. He is one of the few human beings in life who truly had integrity.

“I was always inspired by his love for this country and insight into politics and the issues of the day‚” Mashaba said of his friend with whom he had recently enjoyed dinner and had visited him in hospital the day before his death.

He added that Mamoepa never judged him for taking on a political role in the country.