Edward Zuma blames country’s woes on whites

13 August 2017 - 12:23
By Penwell Dlamini
Edward Zuma.
Image: THULI DLAMINI Edward Zuma.

President Jacob Zuma’s son Edward has written another instalment of his open letters‚ this time blaming everything going wrong in the country on white people.

Zuma said it is disgusting in the extreme that in a free and democratic South Africa land and the economy are still controlled by whites.

“This conquering of our land and economy - which is still visible and evident in the post apartheid and current democratic dispensation - is clear for all sane people to see‚ that we‚ the majority‚ live with the materially intended consequences that white colonialists and apartheid architects wanted to see achieved. That in the main… is a result of the suppression of Black economic and land dispossession of our people‚” he wrote.

He argued that the blacks should radically intensify the struggle “that still calls for our continuous consciousness and vigilance”.

“We have to press on with rapid pace and acceleration for the radical economic transformation of the socio-economic life of our people to build an inclusive nation. For if we don't‚ as we have seen at the 5th National Policy Conference of the ANC. [sic]

“The offspring of white monopoly capital and their descendants: the oppressors of our people are hard at work as infiltrators‚ who will continue to not only speak and work against progressive calls to return our stolen land…‚” he said.

In his previous instalments‚ Zuma has insulted former finance minister Pravin Gordhan‚ calling him “a stooge of white monopoly capital”. He also described former Tourism Minister Derek Hanekom as an "Afrikaner askari".

The African National Congress described his comments as disgusting and embarrassing.