Zille pleased she is not alone in bathing habits

03 October 2017 - 08:09 By Nomahlubi Jordaan
Helen Zille. File photo.
Helen Zille. File photo.

After revealing that she only showers “briefly” every third day‚ Western Cape Premier Helen Zille‚ says she is pleased British fashion designer Vivienne Westwood shares her “bathing habits”.

“So‚ I am not alone in my bathing habits. Thanks @rinmor for pointing out I am emulating a fashion icon‚” Zille said on Twitter on Monday night.

The Independent reported that Westwood said washing just once a week was the secret to staying young.

She was quoted as saying “people shouldn’t wash too much”.

The publication also reported that the designer’s husband washes once a month.

TimesLIVE recently reported that Zille regarded “oily hair in a drought to be as much of a status symbol as a dusty car”.

Zille’s insights into her personal hygiene were offered in a lengthy online column in which she attacked TimesLIVE and one of its journalists for a news report about the installation of a purifier to treat spring water at her official residence‚ Leeuwenhof.

“As for my husband and I‚ we try to use so little water‚ that I sometimes get worried about the hygienic and aesthetic consequences‚” Zille wrote.

“I shower briefly‚ once every three days‚ and for the rest wash in the hand basin. I used to wash my hair every day‚ but now only when I shower‚ with visibly negative consequences. However‚ I regard oily hair in a drought to be as much of a status symbol as a dusty car.”