'Dear Malema - are you afraid of a little white woman?'

01 February 2018 - 11:31
By Petru Saal
Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema. File photo.
Image: Gallo Images / City Press / Leon Sadiki Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) leader Julius Malema. File photo.

Controversial UK commentator Katie Hopkins has asked for a meeting with EFF leader Juluis Malema to talk about the “Kill the farmer” song.

On Tuesday Hopkins tweeted: “Dear @Julius_S_Malema @EFFSouthAfrica You are aware I am in your country. Please may I request a meeting in public to discuss the singing of ”Kill the Boer‚ Kill the Farmer” 

The British TV personality – described by some media outlets as a professional troll – announced earlier this month that she would travel to South Africa to report on farm murders‚ which she claimed were the result of anti-white ethnic cleansing. Predictably‚ the tweets have stirred up a hornet’s nest – and divided opinion along racial lines.

Malema does not appear to have replied and she repeated the invitation on Thursday: “Dear @Julius_S_Malema - are you afraid of a little white woman? I thought you were the big man?”

Since her arrival she has interviewed various victims of farm attacks. She tweeted on Tuesday: “Farmers and their workers live together‚ are attacked together & die together. These two beautiful men fight on & farm on - together #plaasmoorde”

Hopkins also attended a court hearing. “It was my privilege and pleasure to stand with Robert at court today‚ fighting for justice for his murdered wife Sue Howarth‚ 64. Bail hearing for the 3 accused set on the SAME DATE as her murder. The cruelty of the state knows no bounds. #plaasmoorde.”

She took time out from farm attacks to air her views on the water crisis in Cape Town.

She tweeted on Monday: “70 days till Cape Town runs dry. School kids now have to bring 2 litres of water each to class‚ not wearing uniform to save washing‚ restricted toilet flushing‚ & must bring wipes to avoid taps. Soon each man / women will have to collect their daily ration from a line. Stand by.”

Over the span of her professional life‚ Hopkins has attacked Muslims‚ called migrants cockroaches‚ been accused of racism and left two media jobs after making controversial statements. Hopkins believes farm murders and the brutality of the attacks are being ignored in South Africa.