Zuma has rights‚ says lawyer fighting to stave off prosecution

16 March 2018 - 18:19 By Philani Nombembe
Jacob Zuma. File photo.
Jacob Zuma. File photo.
Image: Thuli Dlamini

A lawyer representing an NGO fighting for former president Jacob Zuma’s freedom has vowed to take the fight to the bitter end.

South African Natives Forum’s lawyer‚ Lucky Thekisho‚ told the Sunday Times shortly after the prosecution’s announcement that charges against Zuma would be reinstated: “That man [Zuma] has rights like any other person on this earth‚ the constitution protects him as a person.”

Thekisho said the NGO launched an application to stop Zuma’s prosecution in the High Court in Cape Town last month.

He said a number of respondents including the prosecution‚ the Speaker of parliament‚ the Presidency‚ the justice minister and Zuma are cited in the litigation.

“We have to cite him [Zuma]‚ he has an interest [in the matter]. We want a stay of prosecution‚” said Thekisho.

“We are people of social justice. Anyone one would have ensured that his or her constitutional rights are not violated.”

He said the prosecution had indicated to the NGO that it intended to defend the lawsuit and should provide an “interim affidavit” within 15 days.

Thekisho said the NGO would appoint a spokesperson to deal with the lawsuit next week.