EFF councillor ‘loves’ his white friends and would never call for their genocide

21 March 2018 - 12:44
By Nico Gous
Mampuru Mampuru.
Image: Mampuru Mampuru via Twitter Mampuru Mampuru.

An EFF councillor accused of inciting hate speech says he “loves” his white friends and that he will never call for the genocide of whites.

“Why would I call for a genocide? It will never happen‚” Mampuru Mampuru from the EFF in Ekurhuleni said on Wednesday.

“Without white people in the country‚ we are not going to have a Rainbow Nation.”

A post resurfaced on social media on Wednesday where Mampuru allegedly said in a Facebook comment: “We need to unite as black people‚ there are less than five million whites in South Africa vs 45 millions of us. We can kill all these whites within two weeks.”

Mampuru said the Facebook comment was fake and that he was first notified about it in October last year. He had since received it on Facebook‚ Twitter and Instagram.

“You can’t control how people think. You can’t control how naughty people think.”

Mampuru believes he is being targeted for being a vocal supporter of expropriation of land without compensation.

“I will never‚ not in a million years‚ call for the destruction of our country. I love this country more than I love myself. I love South Africa more than I love myself.”

Mampuru believes whoever created the comment is taking a cheap shot by playing the race card.

“It shows that there are people who don’t have any intention to see us (South Africans) united and they’re using propaganda to discredit our organisation (EFF) and to discredit me and to discredit what our people believe in.”

Mampuru said however the white minority should not decide over the black majority of South Africans.

“I believe that we must not have the majority without the land and the minority with the land. That is what I believe in.”