WATCH | 'Zuma is starting again, we're tired of his butternut-shaped head': Malema

24 July 2018 - 14:09 By TimesLIVE

EFF leader Julius Malema told a cheering crowd on Monday that they were 'tired of Zuma', after it was revealed the former president would be hiring lawyers that the citizens 'would have to pay for'.

Malema was addressing supporters in Buffalo City as the party leadership tried to drum up support for its rally on Saturday in celebration of its fifth anniversary.

According to the Daily Dispatch, the EFF leader also took aim at provincial government and ANC leaders saying he would expose corruption from the top to the bottom.

Malema said the “thieves of the ANC” should worry as the EFF had come to the area to expose the rot that continued to ruin the gains of the democracy.

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