WATCH LIVE | Bribes and corruption: Angelo Agrizzi back in hot seat at state capture inquiry

18 January 2019 - 09:04 By TimesLIVE

Former Bosasa chief operating officer Angelo Agrizzi is set to continue his explosive testimony at the state capture inquiry on Friday.

On Thursday, the Zondo commission ventured into the belly of the beast of illicit operations at the controversial Bosasa empire, with video evidence showing wads of cash totalling R1m being counted for the payment of bribes.

The second day of explosive testimony by Agrizzi focused on a six-minute video secretly recorded inside a vault of the company’s chief executive, Gavin Watson.

Agrizzi told how millions of rands were stored in the vault and replenished almost weekly because of the number of bribes paid. On Wednesday, Agrizzi testified that Bosasa paid between R4m and R6m a month in bribes.

The inquiry adjourned on Thursday after a protracted delay owing to a “security situation”. Earlier, Agrizzi raised a concern about security access at the commission because, he said, he had seen a Bosasa employee, Solomon Segale, standing with a group of policemen.

Zondo said necessary measures had to be taken to ensure those who came to the commission were safe.

Former chief operations officer for Bosasa Angelo Agrizzi took the stand for the second time at the state capture inquiry on January 17 2019, where he detailed how bribe money was moved, stored and paid out by Bosasa.