WATCH LIVE | Who will be named next? Angelo Agrizzi testifies at state capture inquiry

Editor's Note: This livestream is due to begin at 10am

23 January 2019 - 09:52 By TimesLIVE

Former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi will on Wednesday continue his testimony at the state capture inquiry.

Agrizzi spent most of his testimony on Tuesday detailing how Bosasa bribed senior department of correctional services (DCS) officials to secure lucrative contracts and undermine anybody who stood in its way.

Agrizzi said Bosasa allegedly oversaw the construction, and footed the bill for, lavish houses built for former prisons boss Linda Mti. Bosasa landed a massive R486m contract for fencing at about 66 prisons in 2005, while Mti was commissioner at DCS. The company is said to have also paid for Mti’s travel costs, arranged holidays for him and his family, arranged flights and paid for his children’s education.

Another big name that emerged in Agrizzi’s testimony on Tuesday was KwaZulu-Natal prisons boss Mnikelwa Nxele. Nxele is said to be part of a “team” of government officials Bosasa plotted with to “place undue pressure” on former DCS national commissioner Vernie Petersen in 2007. Nxele was allegedly paid R57,500 a month to grant Bosasa’s wishes.

Agrizzi also admitted that when media reports emerged in 2008 that placed Bosasa at the centre of scandals within the DCS, members of the company, including himself, destroyed evidence implicating the company in corruption.