WATCH LIVE | Bombshells ahead: Angelo Agrizzi testifies at state capture inquiry

Editor's Note: This livestream is due to begin at 10am

24 January 2019 - 08:26 By TimesLIVE

Former Bosasa COO Angelo Agrizzi will continue his testimony before the state capture commission on Thursday.

Agrizzi on Wednesday told the Zondo commission how former department of correctional services (DCS) chief financial officer Patrick Gillingham allegedly manipulated procurement processes for a R106m television tender to be awarded to Sondolo. 

According to Agrizzi, as well as a Special Investigating Unit report, the contract was awarded to Sondolo on March 3 2006. Sondolo, a subsidiary of Bosasa, submitted an invoice 10 days later and the payment was processed on March 23 2006.  Evidence leader advocate Paul Pretorius observed that this was "rapid" for a state contract of that amount.

The fallout from Agrizzi's testimony at the inquiry continues. On Wednesday, KwaZulu-Natal prisons head Mnikelwa Nxele was suspended.

Nxele was fingered by Agrizzi in an alleged plot to "place undue pressure" on former DCS national commissioner Vernie Petersen in 2007 - allegedly accepting accepting bribes from the firm to the value of about R57,500 a month.

The controversial prisons head was suspended previously after allegations of gross insubordination surfaced in 2016. He challenged his suspension in court and was successfully reinstated in his post.

Meanwhile, the EFF have threatened to turn the state of the nation address (Sona) into a question-and-answer session if President Cyril Ramaphosa does not “account” for his role in the Bosasa scandal before the end of January. He also said Ramaphosa must act against ANC members implicated in Bosasa's network of corruption, uncovered by testimony at the state capture commission.