DA will build SA that works for all - and it will not take another 25 years, says Maimane

23 February 2019 - 15:48 By APHIWE DEKLERK and ZIMASA MATIWANE
Maimane called on South Africans to rediscover their optimism about the country.
Maimane called on South Africans to rediscover their optimism about the country.
Image: Makashule Gana via Twitter

DA leader Mmusi Maimane says his party will build a South Africa that works for all.

Addressing supporters at the Rand Stadium in Johannesburg where the DA launched its manifesto on Saturday, Maimane said the manifesto was a blueprint to build a government that worked for all.

"Our task now is to build a South Africa where no one is left out. That's where we come in. It is a South Africa that can only be built by a DA government, and I assure you it will not take another 25 years," said Maimane.

 He slammed the ruling ANC elite for driving fancy cars and living flashy lifestyles at the expense of the poor.

The Democratic Alliance launched their manifesto on Saturday, February 23 2019, at the Rand stadium, in Johannesburg. Here are 5 points from the launch.

Maimane said his party dreamt of putting jobs in every home in South Africa.

"It cannot be that four out of every ten South African households do not have a single income. If we can put at least one job in every home, it will completely transform these households," said Maimane.

He said under the DA the country would have secure borders that would make it impossible to enter South Africa illegally.

 Maimane said a South Africa under the DA would also be energy secure.

"We will be future-focused when it comes to our children's education, and we will prepare them for a fast-changing world. The South Africa I want to build will have no place for corruption and corrupt politicians."

He said under his government, corrupt politicians would spend at least 15 years in jail.

"I want to create a new, independent and fully-resourced anti-corruption unit, staffed by both specialist prosecutors and investigators"”

Maimane called on South Africans to rediscover their optimism about the country.

"I need you to remember the dream we once had for South Africa, all those years ago. I also need you to remember what was given up so that we can have a better future, because we have sacrificed too much as a nation to go back now.”

He told supporters that a DA government would sell off state-owned enterprises that did not work, eradicate corruption, slash the cabinet in half and stop wasting money on unnecessary luxuries in order to build a South African that all dreamed of.

"I want to meet with labour, business and government so that we can build a better partnership that puts the agenda for all South Africa at the top."

Maimane implored South Africans to use their votes to remove the governing ANC at the polls.

"We no longer need a liberation movement. We need a new agenda. We need a vision for tomorrow, led by a party that is focused on the future," Maimane concluded, adding that only a DA government could do that.