RDP houses worse than those built by the apartheid government: Malema

06 March 2019 - 13:09 By ZINGISA MVUMVU
RDP houses. File photo.
RDP houses. File photo.
Image: Yandisa Monakali

EFF leader Julius Malema has accused the ANC government of building RDP houses that are worse than apartheid-sponsored human settlements.

Malema also charged that government officials were engaged in "sex for RDP" actions - where the people who slept with them were moved up housing waiting lists.

Malema was speaking with the elderly at Carnival Mall, in Ekhuruleni, during a breakfast session organised by the EFF on Wednesday.

He said the quality of the RDP houses built by the ANC government were so poor that the structures were falling apart, while those built by the apartheid government were still standing.

"There were poor boers during apartheid and they were built houses by the government, and those structures are still standing because the apartheid government was for boers and it cared about its people. Our government doesn't care about us," said Malema.

He added: "The RDP houses are glorified shacks. Do not call those things houses; they are shacks. All of them have cracks and can collapse any day. They are worse than the so-called matchbox houses built during apartheid.

"There are 28-year-olds who get RDP houses before 50-year-olds. Do you know why? Because they can make a plan for officials, one of which is sex for RDP houses. And you [the elderly] cannot do those things."

Malema made the remarks after the majority of the elders - who were given a platform to voice their cries - complained about human settlement issues in the City of Ekurhuleni, accusing ANC officials of looking after their friends and relatives.