Hlaudi Motsoeneng on being SA's president, state capture and Bosasa

28 March 2019 - 13:27
By Cebelihle Bhengu
Hlaudi Motsoeneng says 'South Africa is happy because I am ascending to the presidency of this country'.
Image: SUPPLIED Hlaudi Motsoeneng says 'South Africa is happy because I am ascending to the presidency of this country'.

Former SABC chief operating officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng has hit back at suggestions that he was party to the corruption being investigated at the Zondo inquiry into state capture.

The president of the African Content Movement (ACM) spoke on Power FM on Thursday morning to respond to several questions on his political ambitions, state capture and his relationship with controversial company Bosasa.

Here are his responses:

Bosasa paying his legal fees

Former Bosasa auditor Peet Venter alleged that he was instructed by the company's CEO, Gavin Watson, to pay for Motsoeneng's legal fees to fight his dismissal from the public broadcaster. He said about R1m was paid to Majavu Inc, owned by Motsoeneng's lawyer, Zola Majavu.

"There is nothing wrong about anyone paying for my legal fees. There is nothing wrong. The issue is that I have confirmed this last year, I said there is nothing wrong,” Motsoeneng said.

"I have called everyone in South Africa who can assist me ... I told them they should pay. I have an agreement with them to pay. Go ask them," he added, when asked if he had approached the company to help pay his fees.

Bosasa's influence at the SABC

"People were thinking that when I was at the SABC that Bosasa got some favours during my time there. It has never happened. I had no deals with Bosasa at the SABC."

State capture

"No one can capture Hlaudi. I capture myself. They [Bosasa] have never benefited from me. There is nothing that they benefited from. How could they benefit from someone who has been dismissed?"

Ramaphosa is responsible for collapse of SOEs

"He’s [President Cyril Ramaphosa] saying new dawn. What is new dawn when the man has been the deputy president responsible for business and the same SOEs that he is referring to?" Motsoeneng asked.

ACM name origin

"South Africa is happy because I am ascending to the presidency of this country. We all know that Africa represents the continent, which is Africa. I'm also saying that we need our own currency in Africa.

"That is why I am saying African Content Movement. Content means everything that we produce in South Africa, including your minerals. We are saying everything that is produced in South Africa, it must be 90% owned by South Africans."

ACM is racially inclusive

"I also include other races who are South Africans. People should not be confused when I am dealing with South Africans. It is inclusive because we are a nonracial movement, but I don't compromise on the issue of blacks, because we are in majority. Even in business, we should be in majority."

"You guys like gossip"

During the discussions around Bosasa, Motsoeneng was asked about his agreement with the company

"You see, you people, you like gossip," he responded.