'I am a credible leader' - 10 Ace Magashule quotes on the ANC list and Gangster State

05 April 2019 - 10:05
By Cebelihle Bhengu
ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule
Image: Masi Losi ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule

ANC secretary-general Ace Magashule again denied links to so-called state capture in the Free State, insisting that there is no proof to back up the claims.

Magashule did an interview with eNCA where he addressed several topics, including the slew of claims against him and the objections about the ANC's election list.

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Here are ten telling quotes from the interview:

On Bosasa-linked ANC members

"In South Africa, in terms of the electoral act, in terms of the constitution, the supreme law of the country says "a person who is a criminal, is a person who has been found guilty by a court of law". 

Objections 'an attack on the ANC'

"I hear what people say. I come from the culture and tradition of the ANC. When the ANC leaders are attacked, I am the first point of defence for that leadership. It is attacked because there is an agenda of reversing the gains of our revolution."

The Guptas

"There are lies about me and the Guptas. Wait and see when I take legal action because they are well-coordinated, well-planned, well-orchestrated, deliberate, to weaken the ANC, to deal with me and I can tell you, I am not a product of anything. I am the product of the ANC's structures."

On denial of corruption

"I am not corrupt. I am not corrupt. Go to the Free State and see what we have done there. There is no corruption. I will give you the companies in the Free State which got work, throughout the years, when I was there."

The ANC is 'not an arrogant organisation'

'The ANC is in a good space, the ANC is not going to be shaken. Its leaders must be defended and we are not an arrogant organisation. Our structures must be out there and defend the African National Congress."

Representation of South Africans by the ANC lists

"This is the list of the leadership of the ANC, nominated by branches across South Africa. Respected leaders and individuals within their own communities, still respected by us - not by the media because the media has its own agenda to deal with the ANC and its own leadership. 

The media attack the ANC

"There are people there in the media who are orchestrating a plan to see the demise of the ANC."

On Pieter-Louis Myburgh's book Gangster State

"The man must appear before the court of law, and tell the court of law how I was running the Free State. I was one of the most democratic leaders. This book is talking about my struggle credentials. Fortunately some of the people are still alive and let us not give people enough ammunition for now."

Other politicians and the Guptas

"All South Africans have been to the Gupta's house. Be it Helen Zille, be it Mangosuthu Buthelezi, be it (Bantu) Holomisa, be it leaders of other political parties; during Diwalis they have been there. Lots of ANC leaders have been on their weddings. What is the problem? We have not denied anything."

Why write a book and not go to police?

"When people know all these things, they don't lay any criminal charges, they write books. Let's not enter that part of the debate. The court of law will deal with this matter. I am a credible leader in the ANC."