Five quotes from FW de Klerk's controversial interview

26 April 2019 - 06:31 By Odwa Mjo
Former president FW de Klerk: 'My hands are clean and my conscience is clear.'
Former president FW de Klerk: 'My hands are clean and my conscience is clear.'

Former president FW de Klerk has weighed in on the current state of South Africa's government and politics, telling the country that nine years under Jacob Zuma were wasted.

He sat down for an interview on eNCA's First Citizen where comments he made have been the subject of much debate. Here are five quotes that got South Africa talking.

On equality in South Africa 

"One of our biggest failures in the past 25 years has been not to achieve greater equality. We've become one of the most unequal societies in the world. Our constitution is focused on achieving equality - and also nonracialism which is the other issue that worries me very much." 

On Zuma

"I really believe that we've been damaged severely in the past nine years under Zuma. I think they were nine lost years." 

On the BLF trying to get him arrested 

"Well they've laid the charge. I haven't heard from the prosecuting authorities. My hands are clean and my conscience is clear." 

On democratic government paying the apartheid government's debts 

"It’s the correct thing for any succeeding government to honour the debts of the previous governments before 1994. Those loans were used to develop the economy, to create jobs. Of course black people benefited."


"Eskom worked in 1994. There were no blackouts. Everybody who had electricity benefited from it. And now everybody suffers because Eskom is dysfunctional."