Last day on the job for Panyaza Lesufi, awaits post-election deployment

03 May 2019 - 09:29 By timeslive
Panyaza Lesufi. File photo
Panyaza Lesufi. File photo

Gauteng's education MEC Panyaza Lesufi says Friday is his final day in the department.

With national and provincial elections taking place on Wednesday, he is signalling that he expects to be deployed in a different portfolio for his next term in office, providing the African National Congress secures the vote.

"Today is my last day at work! Sad indeed," he stated on social media.

The MEC, who is active on Twitter, sparked an outpouring of support from the platform's users following his announcement.

He clarified that he was vacating the office because it is "the end of the political term and the beginning of the new 6th administration" in post-apartheid South Africa.

Answering questions about his future plans, he replied succinctly: "Voters will decide."

Leading support for his performance in the role, @danmoyane shared: "Politics aside Panyaza, you are one of those few leaders in your party who lead by example in terms of your work. You take public service seriously. You don't just sit in your office. You respect people. Wonder what your future holds after #Elections2019?"

Speculation about Lesufi rising to national ranks was scuppered in this exchange. Mvuselelo Dule‏ @dules_k commented: "My wish is for Mr Lesufi to be our next Minister of Basic Education, we need to fix this 30% pass rate, how do we expect the economy to grow if pupils need only 30% to pass their exams?"

However, Keegan Moodley responded: "I also wanted him to be minister of education but sadly his name is not on the parliamentary list."