PODCAST | VF+ and double votes shift the numbers

A limited podcast series exploring the data behind the elections, pulling out the stories we didn't know were there

09 May 2019 - 20:21 By Scott Peter Smith

At the time of publishing this podcast, Freedom Front Plus had taken strides in the voting numbers to be the fourth largest party in South Africa.

With just over 40% of the votes counted, the FF+ had emerged as one of the smaller parties that had performed well in the 2019 general election. In fact, with 60% of the votes still to be counted, the FF+ already had more votes than it garnered in the election five years ago.

We talk about this rise of the right with resident data analyst Paul Berkowitz and about just what that means - not only for South Africa, but the chipping away at the Democratic Alliance along with the newly formed party of former Cape Town mayor Patricia de Lille, GOOD.

PODCAST: The Numbers Don't Lie - VF+ and double votes change the game

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We also grab political journalist Qaanitah Hunter to take us through where the numbers are and why we aren't seeing that much from the Purple Cow.

There have been some calls by the smaller parties asking for a revote due to confirmed cases of double-voting - cases where the same individual votes more than once by moving voting station.

Chief electoral officer Sy Mamabolo said people attempting to vote twice would be committing fraud and the commission would want those people to be prosecuted immediately.

The electoral commission (IEC) said it expected South Africans to be honest at the voting stations, as 19 cases of "duplicate voting" in KZN are being investigated by the police.

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