Nudes & premier candidate: Mbalula and Malema at it again

15 May 2019 - 07:42 By Unathi Nkanjeni
EFF leader Julius Malema
EFF leader Julius Malema
Image: MultimediaLIVE

EFF leader Julius Malema and the ANC's head of election Fikile Mbalula exchanged jabs on social media on Tuesday. Again.

What started innocently enough with a "good morning" tweet from Mbalula quickly escalated after Malema asked how the “NW (North West) premier candidate” was doing.

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This came as the ANC had still not unveiled its candidate for the province. So, was Malema letting us in on something?

As innocent as the exchange seemed, it clearly hit a nerve with Mbalula. Not willing to be outdone, Mbalula fired back at Malema telling him not to speculate on who the ANC appoints. He said he should leave the questioning to journalists.

Malema didn’t reply but his one-lined question aroused just about enough suspicions. Mbalula, on the other hand, tried to brush off the exchange and accusation by making fun of Malema’s earlier threat of leaking nudes.

The background

This is not the first time these two have exchanged words on Twitter. In February Mbalula threw shade at Malema for the poor attendance at one of his campaign events and EFF supporters slammed Mbaks for being "obsessed with the party".

In April Malema threatened to share pictures of Mbalula that would make him "regret the day he was born" after the latter boasted about a selfie.