Jacob Zuma's 'amnesia' has social media up in arms

17 July 2019 - 07:22
By Cebelihle Bhengu
Former president Jacob Zuma at the state capture inquiry.
Image: Alon Skuy Former president Jacob Zuma at the state capture inquiry.

"I don't know chair", "I can't remember chair" were Jacob Zuma's responses to most questions put to him by deputy chief justice Raymond Zondo at the state capture inquiry in Johannesburg on Tuesday.

Social media could not help but notice his "amnesia", with some questioning how he carried out his presidential duties being so forgetful. 

In the first leg of the testimony, the commission's evidence leader, Paul Pretorius, and Judge Zondo mostly focused on trying to establish the real reasons behind the redeployment of former GCIS chief executive Themba Maseko to public services and administration. Maseko alleged he was moved because he refused Ajay Gupta favours, which would have seen him unduly benefit from government. 

The former president could not recall why Maseko was redeployed.

"At times, the changes would come because the DGs would perform better in one place and would therefore be replaced, but I can't remember on this particular DG what was the problem."

He was also asked if he had used his power to benefit the Guptas. "I don't know," was his answer. "I don't know, really, because I have never participated in the discussion on that matter with government people." 

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