Shivambu must hlasela amafutha: five funny moments from EFF birthday

29 July 2019 - 12:59
EFF leaders arriving at Kanyamazane Stadium in Mpumalanga ahead of the EFF's 6th anniversary celebration.
Image: EFF via Twitter EFF leaders arriving at Kanyamazane Stadium in Mpumalanga ahead of the EFF's 6th anniversary celebration.

The EFF turned six at the weekend amid much fanfare at KaNyamazane Stadium in Mpumalanga.

The leader of SA's third-largest political party, Julius Malema, delivered a hard-hitting speech but the event was not without its funny moments.

Here are five amusing incidents from the EFF birthday bash.

Floyd Shivambu must hlasela amafutha

Malema's grand entrance at the stadium surprised many as he came out sprinting and thus the other EFF officials had to follow suit.

But one Shivambu was really struggling. A gogo from Malamulele would give him a run for his money in a 100m sprinting competition.

The sooner Shivambu hits the gym to become as strong and aggressive as the big English he uses in parliament, the better.

Poor Floyd

As if the sprinting challenge was not bad enough for Shivambu, he also got a new name.

During the introduction of the officials, EFF deputy secretary-general Hlengiwe Mkhaliphi referred to Shivambu by his middle name, Nyiko to Tinyiko.

It would appear that Shivambu embraced this new name for he did not bother to correct it when he took to the podium.

Is the EFF student command led by a teenager?  

Malema's lookalike, newly elected EFF SC president Mandla Shikwambana, is 30 years old but Malema thought he was 13.

Malema, talking about the type of leadership the EFF wants at its national people's assembly in December, asked Shikwambana how old he was, to which the student command leader responded "30" but Malema retorted with a follow-up question "13?"

Anyway, it would not matter even if Shikwambana were 13, at least according to Malema, who said: "Shikwambana, whether you are young or old, the day you get elected into a leadership position, you are no longer young, you are an old person."

Dr Ndlozi or Dr Ice Boy

EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi must decide whether he is going to give credence to accusations that he is Malema's ice boy.

But it appears Ndlozi is determined to affirm this, for during the after-party festivities a video of Ndlozi supposedly being sent to "fetch ice" for Malema surfaced, adding to a string of similar incidents previously widely circulated on social media.

Ndlozi was never going to stop, not after Malema point blank told him to embrace the "Ice Boy" name.

Malema said: "There in parliament Mbuyiseni, I heard them calling you Ice Boy. You must never be shaken by names. Embrace every name they call you with."

Jub Jub fixing the country

Many are terrified at the sight of Jub Jub, owing to his TV show Uyajola99 that uncovers cheaters, but Malema was very happy to see him.

Embracing the TV personality and musician following his performance at the after party, Malema said: "He came back from prison, he is now fixing the country dealing with all the cheaters so when you see Jub Jub, you must carry the Bible not a nyatsi."

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