Hlaudi Motsoeneng's most cringeworthy yet epic quotes of all time

11 September 2019 - 12:18 By Unathi Nkanjeni

Former SABC chief operations officer Hlaudi Motsoeneng is in the spotlight yet again, following his testimony before the state capture inquiry on Tuesday.

In his testimony, Motsoeneng dropped a few bombs while also entertaining many with his claims.

But dropping bombs while entertaining is what Motsoeneng does best. Here are five of his most cringeworthy yet epic quotes ever.

Training doctors at SABC

Motsoeneng said those who say he is not educated don't know that he trained doctors and lawyers at the SABC.

"I trained doctors and at the SABC. I trained lawyers. That's because all they know is theory. No-one in the SABC was better than me."

Capturing Guptas

Motsoeneng said he did not regard the Guptas as friends, but maintained that their relationship was an opportunity to also "capture them".

"We would fly to all these provinces with the Guptas even to Cape Town because we were in partnership, and they had everything, for me it was an opportunity to also capture them. We used to enjoy curry with them."

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Education in SA is a disaster

Earlier this year, in an interview on Radio 702 he said education in SA was a disaster

"Education is key everywhere but in South Africa is a disaster, we don't have education. People say I am educated and here is a question I am asking, if you are educated, why are not getting jobs?"

Reading books doesn't mean you are smart

Last year in December, while making an "historical" announcement of starting his political party, African Content Movement, he said people read books but that doesn't mean they are smart. 

"People don't understand this English that they talk about. You see, sometimes people talk English but they don't understand it themselves. They read books and play with terms, but they don't understand those words. Maybe they don't understand irregular. Maybe we need to forgive them because I have forgiven them because they don't understand."

'I am Hlaudi Motsoeneng, baby!'

In 2016, he scoffed at the suggestion that any of the stations might refuse to obey his rules when he introduced the 90% local content policy on SABC radio stations.

"I am Hlaudi Motsoeneng, baby! I am in charge. I will make sure that it happens. Nobody will go against what I have put in place – this policy and those responsible for implementing directly report to me."