WATCH | What Brexit means for SA's trade agreements and how it affects you

01 October 2019 - 06:00 By MultimediaLIVE

Minister for economic development Ebrahim Patel struck a trade deal with the UK in early September.

It secures South Africa if Brexit goes ahead. This means that amid the chaos and uncertainty, SA is safe.

The ANC government has said the deal "will allow for seamless, uninterrupted trade to continue between ourselves and the UK".

The new agreement between the two countries retains the terms of trade that exist in the European Partnership Agreement.

SA-assembled cars will remain tariff-free to the UK, which boosts industrialisation. Along with a few new tariff-free quotas for 70,000 tons of unrefined and refined sugar, 18,000 tons of canned pear, apricot and peach products and 70-million litres of wine.

Wine was the leading export category from SA to the UK in 2018, with exports valued at R1.89bn.

Trade between SA and the UK is a crucial market, worth R142bn, and has created around 175,000 jobs.