'No financial wrongdoing' by Maimane, DA investigation finds

04 October 2019 - 18:02 By TimesLIVE
Mmusi Maimane. File photo.
Mmusi Maimane. File photo.
Image: AFP

There was "no financial wrongdoing" on the part of DA leader Mmusi Maimane over the rental of his house or the donation of a car by controversial company Steinhoff.

This was the finding of the party's finance committee, which released the outcome in a statement on Friday afternoon. Committee chair Dion George said Maimane "submitted himself" for an investigation into the matters.

George said he met Maimane on Monday September 30 and Friday October 4, when Maimane "produced facts with accompanying documentation".

Maimane has recently been under fire after revelations that he was using a Toyota Fortuner donated by Steinhoff, and that he declared a R4m house in Cape Town in a parliamentary register, despite the home never belonging to him.

Outlining his two findings, George said on Friday:

  1. "As it relates to travel arrangements, Maimane did enjoy the use of a Toyota Fortuner in the Western Cape, donated to the party by Steinhoff via their subsidiary, Hertz. After the Steinhoff scandal broke, the car was returned. There was a delay due in part to the leader’s international trip to the US and a federal congress taking place in Gauteng;" and
  2. "As it relates to [Maimane's] home, it has been established that no formal lease document exists. However, Maimane has paid rent covering each month he and his family have lived in the house. I have had sight of the accounts of the business which owns the house."

I have followed the financial trail as follows:

  • An initial deposit of R450,000 was made by Maimane; from April 2018,
  • R18,400 per month was deducted as rental;
  • the current balance is R100,540;
  • the utility bill payments are made separately by Maimane and in addition to this rental amount. 

"Maimane nor his trust own shares in the business and the house. Maimane indicated that the arrangement was a lease agreement and the financial trail confirms that."

He said that these findings show there is "no financial illegality" on Maimane's part over the house and the car.

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