Good Party: DA wants to redeploy CEO to cushy position in Cape Town

17 October 2019 - 14:54
Good party leader Patricia de Lille. File photo.
Image: SUNDAY TIMES Good party leader Patricia de Lille. File photo.

Good Party secretary-general Brett Herron has accused the DA of preparing a "soft landing" for its CEO, Paul Boughey.

Herron has confirmed that he wrote to Cape Town mayor Dan Plato, accusing the DA of planning to redeploy Boughey to the metropolis and create a top position for him.

The DA has, however, denied the allegation, saying it was "a rumour". Plato's spokesperson Greg Wagner, described it as a "misinformation campaign".

Herron, in the letter to Plato, claimed to have been made aware of DA's plans for Boughey by a "senior figure" within the DA. But Good was not going to allow DA's internal affairs to be managed at the expense of Cape Town ratepayers, he said.

"It has been brought to Good's attention that the DA is preparing to dismiss its CEO, Paul Boughey, in the nicest possible way, by creating a very comfortable, multimillion-rand position for him in the City of Cape Town," wrote Herron.

"I understand that a position is being created especially for him. This position is potentially that of deputy city manager, a position which does not exist, or a new position, which also does not exists, in your mayoral office.

"Boughey was apparently requested to resign as DA CEO about a month ago but he refused to do so, blaming the party's election losses on its politicians, not its campaign."

Plato, through Wagner, fired back: "There is no truth to Brett Herron's rumours. It is one of his misinformation campaigns because he never had an issue when Boughey worked for the previous mayor [Good president Patricia de Lille]. What has changed now?"

DA spokesperson Solly Malatsi also denied the Good claims, albeit with caution of Boughey's standing as DA CEO.

"Those are rumours because the DA federal executive has no powers to discuss administrative issues of the metro," said Malatsi. "Paul is still the CEO of the party at this stage, I emphasise," he said at midday on Thursday.

Herron challenged Plato to come out publicly to assure Cape metro residents that Boughey was not going to be recruited to the municipality "at an exorbitant salary".

Said Herron: "Offering Boughey the softest of landings at Cape Town ratepayers' expense would be highly unethical.

"The fact that Boughey's girlfriend has already been appointed to manage the city manager's office raises further uncomfortable questions."