Growth, land and new positions: Julius Malema on EFF elective conference

29 October 2019 - 07:06 By Cebelihle Bhengu
EFF chief whip Floyd Shivambu and party leader Julius Malema.
EFF chief whip Floyd Shivambu and party leader Julius Malema.
Image: Alon Skuy

The winds of change have started blowing in the EFF, as the party gears up for its December elective conference. Party leader Julius Malema addressed the media on Monday about the EFF's readiness for the event.

He also spoke about some of the issues delegates will be discussing.

Here's a summary of his address in seven quotes:

Leadership positions open 

“All positions will be contested. All members of the EFF are available to take up the leadership positions. We are available, but not for positions we may not have the capacity to occupy.”

EFF is growing 

“A lot of interest has been shown in the continent and international community, including the diaspora. They are all receiving the EFF well. We must not operate as an island. We must be able to locate the struggles of Alex within what's happening internationally.”

Black empowerment 

“At the conference, one of the issues we need to deal with is that of development in black communities. We want to make sure there is proper infrastructure in the black communities and that infrastructure must benefit the people of the communities. We want to insource all workers.”

Creating employment 

“We want to insource all workers. We don't want people to win tenders. Currently, there is an issue of Afri-rent, because of outsourcing. To avoid speculations of bribes, let us build state capacity to insource.”

The land 

“We must also discuss how do we use communication to attain socialism in our lifetime. Central to that is the land ownership. How can we be socialists without the land? We will be assessing if the land occupation strategy has been working and if we should proceed with it.”

Basic services

“We also want to discuss the problem of health and education in SA. We must make education free and we need primary health care, because in SA the public health system has collapsed. Delegates will be having those discussions at the conference.”

Constitutional amendments 

“There will be constitutional amendments, because we will serve in the plenary, as some of its implications will affect the election process. The non-negotiable cardinal pillars will not be amended. The centrality of the command team is also non-negotiable.”

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