Malema 'aware' of EFF leaders bribing delegates ahead of December election

21 November 2019 - 15:30

EFF leader Julius Malema is “aware” that leaders within his party are using money to influence delegates to the party's national people's assembly next month.

New party leaders are expected to be elected at the assembly.

Malema made the admission at a press conference on Thursday on the state of readiness for the assembly in Johannesburg.

According to Malema, some party members had alerted him to promises by some leaders to deposit money into their accounts in exchange for votes.

This, he said, was tantamount to trying to buy the EFF, and the party leader said everyone implicated would be named and shamed once they had deposited the money into delegates' accounts.

“I am aware of people who are being asked bank account details so that monies could be sent to their bank accounts, and all of that,” said Malema. “We must expel these people who are sending money. Once money is sent we will publish those names.

“We completely discourage use of money [to buy delegates] and anyone who uses money we will deal with them decisively. We will not waste time.”

Malema said what was more worrying was that some EFF leaders were "buying" students, who are members of the party's student command. This, he said, had the potential to corrupt future leaders of the party.

The EFF was for open and democratic political contests, he said.

Malema also boasted about his track record of never having lost a political contest for positions. This was the clearest warning yet to EFF leaders who might be toying with the idea of contest against Malema, who is widely expected to return to his position uncontested.

“I have never lost a conference, even in the ANC,” he boasted.

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