Phumzile van Damme agrees with Tito Mboweni, invites him to the ‘Blue House’

The DA spokesperson has been agreeing with 'Uncle T' a lot lately

22 January 2020 - 11:43 By Unathi Nkanjeni
DA communications spokesperson Phumzile van Damme.
DA communications spokesperson Phumzile van Damme.
Image: YouTube/TimesLIVE

Tito Mboweni's latest tweet spree got him into hot water with the ANC,  it seems he might have a home in the “blue house”.

Last week, the finance minister received backlash from the ruling party for his tweets about its resolution to nationalise the Reserve Bank.

Mboweni said it was a mistake and suggested there was no logic behind the exercise, as “90% of the Bank's profits were handed over to the National Revenue Fund”.

ANC spokesperson Pule Mabe warned Mboweni  to tread carefully on matters of policy, given his position as minister of finance.

Mboweni indirectly clapped back, saying “don’t criminalise those who disagree with your viewpoint”.

“Throughout political history, those who have no new ideas hide behind name-calling and refer to those who bring up new ways of thinking, the mindset-changers, as ill-disciplined.

“That is an old Stalinist way of politics. Change your mindset. Politically Therapeutic! Move with the times.”

The DA's communications spokesperson, Phumzile van Damme, said “Uncle T” made a valid point and she'd been agreeing with him a lot lately. "Maybe you should come to the Blue House," she tweeted.