Malema, Ramaphosa and Mamabolo — six must-read stories on GBV accusations and apologies

21 February 2020 - 10:22 By Cebelihle Bhengu
President Cyril Ramaphosa advised ANC MP Boy Mamabolo to make peace with EFF leader Julius Malema.
President Cyril Ramaphosa advised ANC MP Boy Mamabolo to make peace with EFF leader Julius Malema.
Image: Esa Alexander

ANC MP Boy Mamabolo has heeded President Cyril Ramaphosa's advice that he make peace with his former political ally, EFF leader Julius Malema, by issuing an apology to Malema and his wife.

Mamabolo recently accused Malema of physically abusing his wife, Mantoa, a claim Malema denied.

Here are six must-read stories, from accusations to lawsuits and apologies:

Mamabolo accuses Malema during Sona

Ramaphosa's state of the nation address (Sona) last week was marred by disruptions by EFF members after they delivered on their promise to disrupt the address if the president refused to fire public enterprises minister Pravin Gordhan.

Objecting to Sona delays, Mamabolo said parliament cannot be abused by Malema in the same way he abuses his wife.

Malema accuses Ramaphosa

During his Sona reply, Malema accused Ramaphosa of abusing his late ex-wife, Nomazizi Mtshotshisa.

Ramaphosa has previously denied the allegation.

Mamabolo slapped with lawsuits 

Malema and his wife slapped the ANC MP with defamation lawsuits of R1m each after Mamabolo repeated the allegations of abuse on Tuesday. Mantoa's legal representatives denied she is a victim of abuse and said she does not need Mamabolo to be her voice.

Both letters asked Mamabolo to issue a public apology.

He refused, saying he had “evidence” and would meet the couple in court.

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Ramaphosa apologises 

Responding to the Sona debate on Thursday, Ramaphosa apologised to Malema and his wife.

“Honourable Malema, as the allegation was made against you, I felt for Mantoa, your wife, because it was uncalled for, I must say. It was improper. It was not correct for it to be raised, and if I can offer an apology to you about this, I would like to because it was uncalled for.”

The president also called for Malema and Mamabolo to make peace.

Malema apologises 

Responding to Ramaphosa's apology, Malema issued his response on Thursday night.

He said he regrets mentioning Mtshotshisa and apologised for any offence caused to victims of gender-based violence.

“In retrospect, I accept I should have known better not to indulge myself in the same degeneration the ANC caucus visited upon my person and that of my wife. It was therefore a desperate act of personal defence which I now regret because of how critical the matter of gender-based violence (GBV) is for all of us as a country.”

Mamabolo apologises 

Mamabolo on Friday morning asked for a truce with Malema and Mantoa. The ANC MP said he had received information from “jealous friends of Mantoa” that she was being abused.

He said he sat on this information since November 2019.

He also apologised to victims of gender-based violence, and vowed to recommit himself to speaking against it.

“Gender-based violence in SA has reached an alarming rate and is not a matter to be used to settle political scores. The fight against femicide and GBV is a fight I recommit myself to, and even after these unfortunate events I will continue to contribute in challenging it and fighting it.”