ANC 'dips head in shame' over Covid-19 feeding frenzy, vows to take action

04 August 2020 - 14:53
By Sthembile Cele
Dr Bandile Masuku, right, is among the ANC members facing corruption allegations. File photo.
Image: Thapelo Morebudi/Sunday Times Dr Bandile Masuku, right, is among the ANC members facing corruption allegations. File photo.

The ANC national executive committee (NEC) has given the party's top six one month to identify a list of cases of those facing allegations of corruption along with recommendations on how they should be dealt with.

This is contained in a post-NEC statement after a tense sitting of the party’s highest decision-making structure in between conferences which dealt, in the main, with what action the party should take regarding those within its ranks accused of — among other things — looting state funds.

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“Pursuant to the resolution that those accused of corruption and other serious crimes against the people, including those charged in courts, may be expected to step aside from their positions or responsibilities, the national officials be requested immediately to prepare an audited list of cases and submit this list within one month to the NWC [national working committee] and the NEC, with recommendations for action,” the statement read.

“In executing this task, the national officials may call upon the assistance of the integrity commission or any other members who can be called upon to make a contribution.

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“The role and capacity of the ANC disciplinary committee and integrity commission, including its capacity to investigate, will be strengthened in line with national conference resolutions. The national officials were tasked with engaging with the integrity commission and making recommendations to the NEC.”

The NEC was divided on what action to take against those who stood accused of benefiting from Covid-19 procurement contracts or who assisted close friends and family to do so. Those facing allegations include presidential spokesperson Khusela Diko, Gauteng health MEC Dr Bandile Masuku and Johannesburg MMC Loyiso Masuku.

The Sunday Times reported this week that among proposals put forward during the NEC meeting was roping in former secretary-general Kgalema Motlanthe to investigate alleged corruption within the ranks of the ANC. This was met with objections, with insiders saying he too was conflicted given the nature of his wife’s work as a businesswoman.

The statement said the party had now drawn a line where corruption was concerned.

“The ANC is outraged and deeply embarrassed by recent allegations that some, including its own leaders and members, have sought to benefit unlawfully from the devastating suffering and impoverishment caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. These developments cause us collectively to dip our heads in shame and to humble ourselves before the people. We acknowledge the justifiable public outrage caused by the depravity and heartlessness displayed by some elements in government, our organisation and the private sector.”

The party said those found to have been involved in corruption should not be harboured within its ranks.

“The moral standing of the ANC has been severely damaged by the conduct of some of its members — who, in fact, do not deserve to be in our ranks. We are committed to draw a clear line between our organisation and those who steal from the people, thereby subverting the very essence and reason for the ANC’s existence as a servant of the people.”