WATCH LIVE | State capture inquiry continues with evidence related to Transnet

26 April 2021 - 10:23 By TimesLIVE

The commission of inquiry into state capture will hear evidence from Transnet's former group CEO Siyabonga Gama. 

According to Gama, he had first met Gupta foot soldier Salim Essa at a Transnet event with Regiments Capital, with which Essa was involved.

The second encounter was at the Transnet offices when Gama went to then Transnet CFO Anoj Singh's office, only to find Essa there.

At Singh's office, Essa expressed an intention to meet Gama and he agreed, saying Essa could get his contact numbers from Singh.

Gama said he lambasted Essa when they walked out for ambushing him.

“I expressed my dissatisfaction that he should not ambush me, because I thought he wanted to talk business. He said he thought it would be good for me and Transnet because this family do a lot of business and they are influential.” 

Months later, Gama, en route from the World Economic Forum in Switzerland, met Essa in Dubai.

After Dubai, Gama would see Essa at a restaurant, their last encounter.