State capture inquiry hears applications for leave to cross-examine witnesses

15 June 2021 - 16:26
By TimesLIVE

The state capture inquiry will on Tuesday hear applications for leave to cross-examine witnesses brought forward by implicated parties.

Last Thursday, Clinton Ephron, former CEO at Optimum Coal Holdings, dismissed allegations that Glencore used President Cyril Ramaphosa to strong-arm Eskom over an increase in the coal price.

Ephron is appearing at the inquiry to respond to allegations against Glencore made by former Eskom executives Matshela Koko and Brian Molefe.

Koko and Molefe told the inquiry the nexus of the collapse of the coal supply agreement between Eskom and Optimum was that Glencore, when it acquired Optimum, had not done due diligence because it counted on Ramaphosa to be a shield in getting its way with Eskom.

Ephron admitted Glencore “did not do a comprehensive due diligence” when it acquired Optimum, but said Ramaphosa being a shareholder had nothing to do with it.