Malema was 'never close to Zuma', is 'more closer with Ramaphosa'

20 July 2021 - 20:49
By TimesLIVE
EFF leader Julius Malema. File photo.
Image: Alaister Russell EFF leader Julius Malema. File photo.

EFF leader Julius Malema says he was “never close” to former president Jacob Zuma — contrary to popular belief.

Instead, Malema said during an interview on Kaya FM, he is “more close” to current head of state Cyril Ramaphosa.

Malema's relationship with Zuma, he said, was always a professional one when they led the ANCYL and the parent body respectively.

At a personal and social level, said Malema, their relationship was non-existent. And to back this up, Malema said during the time he led the ANCYL, Zuma hosted a lot of parties at his Nkandla home but he never attended a single one.

Moreover, Malema never had Zuma's personal contacts nor ever interacted with him on a mobile phone.

But with Ramaphosa, things are different as the two are on each other's speed dial and occasionally call one another, he said.

“I was never close to president Zuma by the way. The first time I went to Nkandla is when I went to have tea now. I had never been to Nkandla,” said Malema.

“I never had the (former) president Zuma's cellphone number and have never spoken to him on the cellphone.

“But I have got Cyril's number and I speak to him on the phone so actually if you had to compare the relations, I am more closer with Cyril than I am to president Zuma.

“We can have a chilled discussion with Cyril any time.”