WATCH | Here's why everyone's talking about DA ward councillor candidate Angus McKenzie's campaign video

05 October 2021 - 10:00
By Unathi Nkanjeni
DA ward councillor candidate Angus McKenzie.
Image: Screenshot DA ward councillor candidate Angus McKenzie.

DA ward councillor candidate Angus McKenzie's campaign video telling citizens of Bonteheuwel, Cape Town, to vote for him has garnered mixed reactions online. 

The video, dubbed “cringeworthy” by many, was released this week on Facebook. 

In it, McKenzie can be seen asking residents to vote for him again if they want problems such as crime, water and sanitation fixed. He has been a ward councillor in Bonteheuwel since 2016.

The video starts with a supposed gangster lurking in the corner with a gun. A few seconds later, it shows community members expressing their frustration at the lack of water, criminals running around in the area and blocked drains. 

Someone can then be seen calling for help and McKenzie emerges as the hero to save the day. 

In another scene, McKenzie can be seen pulling a yellow T-shirt out of a blocked drain before walking up to the gangster and punching him in the face. 

The video is accompanied by a remix of the Ghostbusters theme song.

Explaining the video, McKenzie said he hoped the video will encourage Bonteheuwel residents to vote for DA and “keep Bonteheuwel blue”.

“Vote for Angus McKenzie, vote for the DA to continue making Cape Town a better place and to save this country. There is no other party big enough to take on the collapse of the ANC,” he said.

On social media, many users, including political puppet Chester Missing, weigh in on the video.

Missing said the video was confusing but also hilarious.