Kenny Kunene takes aim at EFF leader: ‘People like Malema must stop fooling you’

06 May 2022 - 15:00
By Cebelihle Bhengu
Patriotic Alliance deputy president Kenny Kunene urged South Africans not to be misled by faux politicians. File image.
Image: Veli Nhlapo/Sowetan Patriotic Alliance deputy president Kenny Kunene urged South Africans not to be misled by faux politicians. File image.

Patriotic Alliance (PA) deputy president Kenny Kunene concluded the party’s press briefing on Thursday by calling on South Africans to not blindly follow politicians but to scrutinise and hold them accountable. 

He said SA politics was “at a crossroads” and called on South Africans to be active so they would not be misled by faux politicians. 

“SA is at a crossroads. Our people are suffering. When we become active in politics, let it be for our people and our people only. People like [EFF leader Julius]Malema must stop fooling you,” said Kunene. 

He said South Africans need to start questioning why Malema advocates for lawlessness by protecting undocumented foreign nationals despite them breaking immigration laws. 

The EFF and PA are at opposing ends on immigration. The EFF advocates for a borderless Africa while the PA is anti-undocumented foreign nationals. 

“Why would Malema want to die for foreigners in this country? Why would a political leader tell foreign nationals to find creative ways to enter? Why would he want lawlessness in SA?” he asked. 

Kunene was referring to Malema’s controversial call for foreign nationals to “find creative ways to enter SA” at the height of the lockdown last year. He lambasted government for its decision to close 20 land borders as part of its efforts to curb the spread of Covid-19.

Kunene was addressing the media in Midrand, Gauteng, on coalition governments in SA.

The former EF member said Malema was in politics for self-enrichment, calling him an “e-wallet politician”, who makes his money from hurling insults and publicly threatening powerful people. 

“He has become an e-wallet politician who extorts money by threatening the wealthy and businesspeople. He tried it with [Johann] Rupert, but he has seen through him. He marched at his farm. The e-wallet did not come. He went and wasted EFF members’ time who stood there and did nothing,” said Kunene.  

He said Malema must be questioned about his alleged role in the VBS Mutual Bank scandal that saw its clients swindled of their hard-earned money. Kunene claimed the EFF squandered VBS Mutual Bank money on expensive clothing brands, parties and alcohol.


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