Malema calls for special police unit to deal with rape problem

'Next they will come for your mother, your sister and your daughter.'

30 July 2022 - 17:49
By Mawande AmaShabalala
EFF leader Julius Malema says crime in SA is turning it into a failed state.
Image: Alaister Russell EFF leader Julius Malema says crime in SA is turning it into a failed state.

Julius Malema has called for the formation of a special police unit to focus on rape cases.

The EFF leader made the call at his party's ninth anniversary celebrations in Bloemfontein on Saturday.

The recent, widely publicised incident in which eight women were raped during a music video shoot on the West Rand was proof rape and other violent crimes were out of control, he said.

The government must play its part, he added, by prioritising rape crimes and establishing a special unit to handle them, similar to the Cato Manor unit established to deal with taxi violence in KwaZulu-Natal.

“There were 11,000 cases of rape just between January and March. Imagine if it is 11,000 in a quarter of a year; what will be the case at the end of 2022? Almost all women of SA will be raped by December.”

It was time citizens played their part because everyone was affected..

“If we do not do something about it, those of us who have girl children, those of us who have mothers and sisters, we must look at them and say 'she could be next if I do not do something'.

“The rapists have taken over the streets of SA. Let us confront them and fight them and the time is now to reclaim the streets of SA. Let us make sure that there is a proper special unit established to deal with violent crimes.”

Malema said crime in the country was making it a failed state.

Communities must rise and reclaim their neighbourhoods from criminals who are known but protected by some in the same communities they torment and by corrupt police.

“These criminals are known; why police are not acting on them I do not know. We must make sure we reduce all crimes.

“If we do not fight crime, then we must know we are going to become another failed state.”


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