On third birthday, ActionSA says it’s an alternative

29 August 2023 - 15:19
By Sisanda Mbolekwa
ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba. File photo.
Image: Eugene Coetzee ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba. File photo.

ActionSA hailed its performance at the polls, saying its progress offers South Africans an exciting national prospect as a political alternative.

Celebrating its third birthday on Tuesday, ActionSA leader Herman Mashaba reflected on how the party was born from a live studio broadcast during a Covid-19 lockdown.

“From this unprecedented environment, ActionSA has contested its first local government election and established itself in all nine provinces and is on a rapid growth path to the 2024 national and provincial elections,” he said.

Mashaba said despite contesting only six municipalities out of the 278 in the country, they emerged as the sixth largest party in the country with 2.37% of the national vote.

“Importantly, ActionSA emerged as the most diverse political party in South Africa at the grassroots level of its support — achieving similar levels of support across townships, suburbs, informal settlements and CBDs.”

The party said their versatility and appeal should be celebrated as the country is in need of a genuinely diverse political home that brings together all South Africans.

“To demonstrate the onward growth path of the party, ActionSA has contested a number of by-elections since 2021 to demonstrate the onward growth path of the party. In the rural north of Pretoria ActionSA increased from 6% to 22% of the vote, while in the outskirts of Soweto ActionSA grew from 11% to 23%.

Most recently, in Ennerdale and Finetown, ActionSA grew from 5% to 15%, registering 25% support in previous ANC voting districts. Breaking out of Gauteng, ActionSA has recorded 8% of the vote in KwaNobuhle in the Eastern Cape, 9% in Moletjie in Limpopo and 11% in KwaNongoma in rural KZN.”

The party boasted having established structures in all nine provinces led by provincial chairpersons who have established structures across the districts of those provinces.

“To date, ActionSA has more than 225,000 members and has launched branches in 30% of the 4,468 wards across South Africa. Every week new branches are being launched because ActionSA has placed a premium on establishing structures to carry our election offering to the street corners and doorsteps of all South Africans.”

There can be no question that ActionSA has the distinct ability to attract ANC supporters in all nine provinces
Herman Mashaba, ActionSA leader 

Mashaba said despite their relative initial success, his party remained humble and grounded.

“Our senate has just concluded its final strategic planning session for the 2024 campaign and has concluded that our campaign will be positive, will not focus on other political parties or leaders and will centre on ActionSA’s solutions to the most pressing problems confronting South Africans.”

The party leader said South Africans could expect an election message from ActionSA that stands out from all other parties in terms of how it focuses on issues and not politicians.

Despite its membership in the multiparty charter, ActionSA was unapologetic about wanting to bring the biggest possible result in next year’s elections.

“There can be no question that ActionSA has the distinct ability to attract ANC supporters in all nine provinces and that a larger ActionSA is needed for stability and maturity to take root in the coalitions that may follow the 2024 elections.”