WATCH | 'Shoot to kill': Malema claims Hamas and Nelson Mandela are 'the same'

24 October 2023 - 10:12 By TIMESLIVE VIDEO
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EFF leader Julius Malema claims Hamas' actions in Israel earlier this month, which left more than 1,000 men, women and children dead, were no different to what Nelson Mandela did during apartheid.

He was speaking to a crowd of pro-Palestine supporters outside the Israeli embassy in Tshwane.

“There is nothing wrong with what Hamas did. When you are oppressed, the only option you have is to fight and that's what Hamas is doing. They are fighting for their freedom. Mandela did the same thing. He took up their guns and fought for the freedom of the people of South Africa,” he said.

“When you are oppressed, you only have one option: confront the enemy and shoot to kill.”

This came on the same day Israeli authorities showed harrowing footage of killings and mutilations during Hamas’ rampage in southern Israel on October 7. According to The Guardian, “the government showed the 43-minute compilation in a private screening for dozens of foreign journalists at a military base in Tel Aviv on Monday to counter what it said were attempts to deny or downplay the extent of the atrocities.

“The footage, captured by security cameras, body cameras worn by the Hamas attackers, vehicle dashboard cameras, social media accounts and videos from mobile phones, left some reporters in tears. The material included the killing of children and decapitation of some victims.”

Malema said: “Do not kiss the enemy. Why do you want to kiss the enemy? People came, took the land of the Palestinians. Every year they extend their occupation. When you look at the map of Palestine, there is nothing left of land. The people of Palestine have got nothing to lose but their chains.

“They must stand up and fight for their freedom. Condemning Hamas is an act of cowardice. I heard some fools saying, ‘We can’t compare Hamas with Mandela'. They are the same. This president of Areta [Carl Niehaus] carried guns. He was shooting to kill, to liberate you. He was doing exactly what Hamas is doing. OR Tambo did the same thing. Chris Hani did the same thing. Winnie Mandela did the same thing. Steve Biko did the same thing. There is nothing [wrong] with what Hamas is doing.”

Malema also said Israelis were terrorists for allegedly killing innocents in the blast last week at Gaza City’s al-Ahli Baptist Hospital which Hamas claimed was Israel's actions. However, UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak said yesterday their intelligence indicated the missile had been fired from Gaza and not Israel as claimed by Hamas sources. 

Malema said his party would fund and arm Hamas if they are elected next year.

“When the EFF takes over next year, it is going to arm Hamas and make sure they have the necessary equipment to fight for their freedom.

“Israeli President Benjamin Netanyahu is a No 1 terrorist and he must be declared [a terrorist] everywhere he goes. He must never know peace. He is a terrorist and murderer committing genocide in Palestine in the name of attacking Hamas, yet he is attacking innocent women and children and the world must fight against terrorists.

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