ANC suspends Jacob Zuma’s membership

29 January 2024 - 16:06
By Kgothatso Madisa
Former president Jacob Zuma. File photo
Image: Thapelo Morebudi Former president Jacob Zuma. File photo

The ANC’s national executive committee (NEC) has decided to “summarily suspend Jacob Zuma as a member”.  

According to NEC sources, the meeting opted for going “the long route” of taking Zuma through a disciplinary process instead of immediate expulsion.   

This after Zuma is said to have contravened the ANC constitution, which states any person who joins or supports any organisation or party other than the ANC or its alliance partners Cosatu, the SACP and Sanco, or any other organisation whose aims, policies and objectives are contrary to the ANC can be suspended. 

“We pulled the trigger but we didn’t empty the chamber,” said one NEC member.   

This was because the party opted to go the disciplinary action route, which could take time.  

The source did not say when the disciplinary hearing will commence but was adamant it has to take place.   

Zuma is said to have contravened the ANC constitution by publicly announcing he will campaign and vote for the newly establish MK party.   

In endorsing the MK party, Zuma said he could not support the “ANC of [Cyril] Ramaphosa”.   

The debate on Zuma’s fate is said to have gripped the NEC meeting which is believed to have heard views of members calling for his immediate removal, while others argued this will only make him stronger as he will use the victimhood mentality.   

Those against are said to have argued it would not be wise to suspend or expel Zuma on the eve of elections. However, those who pushed for Zuma's suspension and expulsion are said to have argued that not taking action against him will send a message that the ANC is afraid of Zuma.  

The ANC is expected to announce the decision to “summarily suspend” Zuma’s party membership soon.