WATCH | MK Party confident of Eastern Cape upset

30 May 2024 - 14:36
Supporters of the MK Party gather in Cato Ridge on May 29.
Image: ROGAN WARD Supporters of the MK Party gather in Cato Ridge on May 29.

New kids on the block the MK Party are confident that by the close of counting they will be the top party in the Eastern Cape.

Provincial elections head Andiswa Nika, speaking on the sidelines at the Electoral Commission of South Africa's results operations centre in East London on Wednesday, said the party’s performance was impressive.

The party is in the top five in the province, trailing the ANC, DA, EFF and UDM. Votes counted stood at just above 13% — 172,283 — by 9.30am.

“The MK party is a new kid on the block,” Nika said.

“We are happy about what I’m seeing. The party had many challenges, including ubaba [Jacob Zuma] going to courts and we nearly deregistered.

“We were in courts left, right and centre. If it wasn’t the logo, it was the name of the party or the spear itself, but all of that confusion, I’m seeing the party at top five,” Nika said.

She attributed the performance to the party members who she said campaigned without resources.

“This tells you people believe in the MK Party. It’s still early stages. The numbers are still coming. We expect more. I’m in shock and surprise. At some point I doubted we will do well but when I look at the numbers I’m a happy person.”

By the end of counting Nika said they will have toppled the ANC.

“We will be sitting at No 1. If something happens, then at least No 2, but I can assure you that we will remain at top five.”