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Expats enjoy the vibe as they make their mark on #SAVotingAbroad weekend

South Africans flock to overseas embassies as elections kick off

Gill Gifford
Senior journalist

'They have left us in the townships'

Crime, service delivery, housing, infrastructure and jobs are on the wish lists of township residents as they head to ...

Elections 2024: 10 variables of profound importance

A confluence of factors could redefine the trajectory of the May 29 elections

By Theo Neethling

LISTEN | 'Let's see how strong we are in the election before discussing ...

Thousands of Rise Mzansi supporters gathered at the Ruimsig Stadium in Roodepoort on Sunday for the party’s final rally ...

Thabo Tshabalala
Multimedia producer
News Editor's Choice

Opposition parties bringing their A-game, while vote is out about youth at ...

Election observer Mbali Ntuli and others speak on the upcoming polls

Hendrik Hancke
Senior reporter

Public institutions' walls and screens off limits for election ads

The IFP accused ACSA of succumbing to political pressure to remove its digital adverts from the OR Tambo and King Shaka ...

Isaac Mahlangu
Senior reporter

‘We are certain of victory’: Ramaphosa makes final bid to win over KZN

ANC president wraps up campaign in KZN, where polls suggest the ANC is under threat from Zuma’s MK Party

Ten days and counting as political parties enter final lap of campaigning

As South Africans living abroad voted this week, political parties ratcheted up their campaigns in the last few days ...

'After we fix ANC, we will go back to vote for it,' Jacob Zuma tells MK ...

Former president Jacob Zuma’s uMkhonto weSizwe Party filled up the Orlando stadium yesterday in a clear show of force ...

Parties declare record R172m in donations

Money came from some of the country's wealthiest individuals and companies

Sisanda Mbolekwa
Politics reporter

Polls show ANC may come close to 50% on low voter turnout

As the ANC’s election drive intensifies, with party veterans joining President Cyril Ramaphosa on the campaign trail, ...

Politics Editor's Choice

DA richest party in 2024 election campaign with R65m in donations

Blue party receives biggest share of donations at the height of elections campaign.

Sisanda Mbolekwa
Politics reporter
Politics Editor's Choice

‘Where will I get R5m?’: EFF MPL Moshe Koma denies sleeping on the job

EFF provincial secretary Moshe Koma, accused of sleeping on the job by attending only 18 legislature sittings out of 62 ...


BHEKISISA | Can a new government repeal the NHI Act?

President Cyril Ramaphosa’s signing of the National Health Insurance Bill on Wednesday doesn’t necessarily guarantee it ...


MK Party gets 1.4% in North West by-election as ANC gets boost with 70%

Jacob Zuma’s MK Party recorded 1.41% votes in a by-election in Madibeng, North West, on Wednesday.

By Sinesipho Schrieber

ANC walks political tightrope over coal plant shutdowns

In a ward the ANC won handily in local government elections three years ago, party campaign worker Poppy Vilakazi has ...

By Joe Bavier and Sfundo Parakozov

EXPLAINER | Key issues for investors in South Africa's 2024 election

For the first time since the end of apartheid 30 years ago, polls suggest the ruling ANC is at risk of losing its ...

By Rachel Savage and Libby George

Unemployment worsens as politicians promise jobs if you vote for them

Election season in South Africa is often characterised by grand promises from political parties vying for the votes of ...

Modiegi Mashamaite
Multimedia reporter

Opposition parties agree that not much has been achieved by ANC government ...

The opposition believes the ruling party has regressed from the gains it achieved in the first decade of democracy

Ernest Mabuza
Politics Editor's Choice

'Thirty years is not long, people trust the ANC': Mbete on campaign trail

Former party chair says 'we are neither shaking nor are scared of opposition'

Ramaphosa signs NHI Bill into law

However, for now, medical schemes will continue to provide cover for private healthcare services

Tamar Kahn
Health & Science Correspondent

WATCH | Unisa Enterprise Town Hall Dialogue on upcoming elections

Join Frank Dialogue in partnership with Unisa Enterprise Town Hall Dialogue in discussions about South Africa's May 29 ...

By TimesLIVE

Ramaphosa’s Indian dance moves on campaign trail spark debate

President Cyril Ramaphosa was spotted showing off his best bhangra moves at an event honouring the Hindu community in ...

Modiegi Mashamaite
Multimedia reporter

Maimane challenges Ramaphosa to cancel his medical aid before signing NHI ...

“The NHI as envisaged by the ANC is going to be devastating for this country. We will have profound skills flight and ...

Modiegi Mashamaite
Multimedia reporter
Politics Editor's Choice

Avoid the danger zone and vote ANC, Ramaphosa tells business people

President addresses representatives from local firms at ANC fundraising event

Thando Maeko
Political Reporter
The right of a person to vote freely in democratic elections, to express him or herself without hindrance, to gather and associate as one wishes, to move freely in one’s land – these are precious freedoms that lift the human spirit and give expression to our God-given rights.
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela


BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI | A few words on a poster is all voters have to make up ...

We’re saddled with dinosaurs trafficking old and outdated ideas, writes Barney Mthombothi.

EBRAHIM FAKIR & CHRIS LANDSBERG | A government of national unity would ...

After this year’s watershed elections, governance must be about joint responsibility and accountability, for the ...

By Ebrahim Fakir and Chris Landsberg

PATRICIA DE LILLE | Consigning patriarchy to the dustbin of history is the ...

The men who dominate politics aren’t up to the job of putting an end to patriarchy, writes Patricia de Lille.


MAT CUTHBERT | A dishonest tale by an EFF apparatchik

DA MP Mat Cuthbert responds to Makhudu Sefara’s column last week

By Mat Cuthbert
Business Times Editor's Choice

ZANDILE MAKHOBA | Jobs trump the unemployment grant as South Africans grow ...

For a year of expected weak economic growth, the latest employment statistics show that the country is maintaining a ...

By Zandile Makhoba

ZINGISWA LOSI | Solid progress in improving workers’ lives

Workers’ Month is a reminder of our many challenges and achievements, writes Zingiswa Losi.

By Zingiswa Losi

PETER BRUCE | Cynical Cyril keeps the masses at bay

The modern ANC version of equality is broken roads, no water and the stink of sewage for all, writes Peter Bruce.

Peter Bruce
Editor-at-large & columnist

Riding the ghost train to power?

Hogarth knows that in an attempt to interest the young in voting in the upcoming elections some opposition parties ...

By Hogarth
Opinion & Analysis Editor's Choice

S'THEMBISO MSOMI | Ramaphosa seems to be coming back, but will he be ...

The president’s sympathisers argue that his first term was severely constrained by the way he had to carefully navigate ...

S'thembiso Msomi
Editor: Sunday Times
Opinion & Analysis Editor's Choice

EDITORIAL | In their desperation for votes, have politicians lost their ...

Several politicians have made controversial, xenophobic and insensitive remarks as they criss-cross the country ahead ...

Opinion & Analysis Editor's Choice

OPINION | Do social grant recipients reward political parties with votes?

Research concludes that a combination of other factors will drive voter decisions in the upcoming election

By Leila Patel and Yolanda Sadie

TOM EATON | Fasten your seat belts — for some May 30 may be a rough landing

Two weeks before the election, Tom Eaton looks at the scenarios around a major electoral upset, as South Africans ...

By Tom Eaton
News Editor's Choice

EDITORIAL | What has become of South African society — reflect on the 30 ...

The reflection on democracy should also be about the society that South Africa has become

Opinion & Analysis Editor's Choice

EDITORIAL | DA’s ‘flag’ advert becomes a burning election issue

The DA must be careful its insistence on being right does not gift the ANC majority by stealth

Opinion & Analysis Editor's Choice

TOM EATON | DA’s flag-burning advert dumber than a bag of hammers

I expect politicians to say some crazy stuff before an election, but not to see a party explain that the country will ...

Tom Eaton

OLIVER DICKSON | Both the ANC and DA are stoking fires that burn SA's ...

Not quite a brilliant campaign but the message is quite clear — our dreams are up in flames

By oliver Dickson

TOM EATON | The ANC channels its inner Baldrick and has a cunning plan

From roping in Thabo Mbeki to asking diplomats to break the law, this too shall pass


Time of dead snakes, wolves and sheep

You know a battle is really on when ANC head honchos start talking of each other in animalistic terms.

By Hogarth

MAT CUTHBERT | A revitalised, nonracial DA is set to catch voters

The DA circa 2019 was trying to out-ANC the ANC, playing the dangerous game of identity politics rather than setting ...

By Mat Cuthbert

EDITORIAL | Dialogue has saved our country before, and can do so again

The post-1994 national arrangement has come under increasing strain, affecting social cohesion and jeopardising the ...


Mampara of the week: Makhosi Khoza

This week’s Mampara was once highly regarded as an anti-corruption crusader who resigned from the ANC in protest ...

By Hogarth

LINDIWE MAZIBUKO | Young new voters need to see ticks turn into jobs

Young new voters need to see ticks turn into jobs, writes Lindiwe Mazibuko.

Opinion & Analysis Editor's Choice

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI | Ramaphosa has appeased Zuma for years, allowing the ...

And now he’s turned the guns on them, so to speak, delivering some of the most telling blows of any ANC critic, writes ...

Opinion & Analysis Editor's Choice

PETER BRUCE | The fear factor and a desperate hunt for friends

As is the case  everywhere, South African politics hover between a  triad  of indifference, confidence and, mainly, ...

Peter Bruce
Editor-at-large & columnist

MMUSI MAIMANE | Bosa is the umbrella under which all can unite and thrive

Vision, ideas and needs are central, not identity, writes Mmusi Maimane.

On May 29, we cannot allow ourselves to fall silent. This is the day South Africa will go to the polls for the 2024 national and provincial elections, as announced by the presidency on Tuesday, after consultations with the Independent Electoral Commission. It is the day on which every South African 18 and older should make their voice heard.
TimesLIVE Premium Editorial


LISTEN | EFF's Mbuyiseni Ndlozi asks Zuma to quit politics

The EFF’s Mbuyiseni Ndozi says his party’s friend, MK Party leader Jacob Zuma, must go home and rest because he had his ...

Bulelani Nonyukela
Audio producer

LISTEN | Vote, don’t sip: Malema says no drunkards on May 29

EFF leader Julius Malema says voters should not be tempted by alcohol on election day but prioritise the polls.

Bulelani Nonyukela
Audio producer
Politics Editor's Choice

LISTEN | Western Cape led by 'witches', says Mbalula, 'give ANC a chance'

Western Cape must vote ANC or miss out on ANC-government benefits, says party's secretary-general, Fikile Mbalula.

Bulelani Nonyukela
Audio producer

LISTEN | Let's get criminals out of the ANC: Mbeki has not buried the ...

Former ANC president Thabo Mbeki says he has not put his grievances aside with the party, which “will have to get the ...

Bulelani Nonyukela
Audio producer
Politics Editor's Choice

LISTEN | Malema changes tune on vote rigging as elections loom

EFF leader Julius Malema claims load-shedding will be implemented when vote counting starts and votes will be stolen.

Bulelani Nonyukela
Audio producer

PODCAST | Zuma is out for revenge and has nothing to lose

Zuma feels wronged by corruption allegations, is out for revenge against his successor and will wreak havoc, we hear in ...

Mike Siluma
Sunday Times deputy editor
Politics Editor's Choice

LISTEN | 'Whoever becomes president must not have a bloated cabinet' — ...

Chris Hani's widow Limpho says whoever becomes president after the May 29 general elections should not have a bloated ...

Thabo Tshabalala
Multimedia producer
Politics Editor's Choice

LISTEN | Malema prepared to offer EFF votes to ANC but with one condition ...

With less than two months to go before the May 29 elections, EFF leader Julius Malema says he is prepared to give the ...

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