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Family meeting: Ramaphosa trumpets success stories on the eve of elections

A “family meeting” on Sunday evening has seen President Cyril Ramaphosa calling on all South Africans to cast their ...

Gill Gifford
Senior journalist

'We are in charge and in control,' say police ahead of election

South Africans can go out and vote on Wednesday, assured that the National Joint Operational and Intelligence Structure ...

Gill Gifford
Senior journalist

IEC contemplates taking action against 'vote rigging' accusers

The Electoral Commission (IEC) on Sunday said it was concerned by videos circulating on social media posted by MK Party ...

Gill Gifford
Senior journalist
News Editor's Choice

Let the people decide: political parties make last pleas ahead of elections

Political leaders threw themselves into a last frantic round of appeals to voters yesterday, with President Cyril ...

News Editor's Choice

Cyril Ramaphosa’s pro-Palestinian chant gaffe

President Cyril Ramaphosa on Saturday chanted a statement that many regard as anti-Israel at a large gathering of ANC ...

News Editor's Choice

Julius Malema says EFF does not support influx of illegal foreigners

EFF leader Julius Malema used his last election rally yesterday to try clarify his party's 'open borders' policy ...

Sisanda Mbolekwa
Politics reporter

IEC is preparing for ‘a massive election’

The Electoral Commission of South Africa is preparing for an increased voter turnout on Wednesday when the country ...

By Kgothatso Madisa and Andisiwe Makinana

John Steenhuisen warns DA voters not to be complacent

DA leader John Steenhuisen has reiterated his call to the party’s Western Cape voters not to be complacent but to go ...

Andisiwe Makinana
Political correspondent

Jacob Zuma claims South Africans trust him

Former president Jacob Zuma has gone on a media charm tour, availing himself for interviews with the BBC and local TV ...

Zille warns voters against Gayton McKenzie

DA veteran says PA, a growing power in the Western Cape, brings misery to the towns where it shares power in coalitions

Sisanda Mbolekwa
Politics reporter

All bets are off as gamblers roll the dice on poll results

While some will be watching this week’s election results trickle in from the Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) ...

Khulekani Magubane
Financial reporter

Security cluster ‘ready’ to ensure polling runs smoothly

Police top brass are sticking to their guns, saying there will be enough boots on the ground to ensure a fair and ...

Hendrik Hancke
Senior reporter
News Editor's Choice

Gen Z have the X to change the elections, if they show up

South Africa’s Generation Z — about 12-million people between their late teens and mid- thirties — has the power to ...

By Gill Gifford and Hendrik Hancke
Politics Editor's Choice

'South Africa can be prosperous': Hlaudi Motsoeneng makes big promises ...

Former SABC boss Hlaudi Motsoeneng has begged South Africans to vote for him on May 29, promising to make the country ...

Modiegi Mashamaite
Multimedia reporter
Politics Editor's Choice

POLL | Does the ANC deserve another chance at being sole governing party?

Is the ANC getting a vote of confidence from you next week Wednesday?

By Rethabile Radebe
Politics Editor's Choice

‘I'm right, the learned friends are not’: Zuma promises to fight ConCourt

Former president Jacob Zuma had a nostalgic moment when he recorded an “address to the nation” on Thursday, promising ...

Politics Editor's Choice

Political parties are too generic on issues affecting women — expert

TimesLIVE asked a few political parties why women should vote for them.

Andisiwe Makinana
Political correspondent

Good weather for elections day with sunny conditions expected to dominate

Pleasant weather conditions are expected in the days leading up to elections day, with sunny and cool conditions ...

If you want a dictatorial leader, you won't find that in me: Ramaphosa

ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa believes those seeking a dictator in him will be disappointed because that is simply not ...

Sisanda Mbolekwa
Politics reporter

BIG SA — the party that promises reduced taxes and free income grants for ...

While the party has garnered support in Limpopo and Mpumalanga, it will only be contesting in Gauteng on May 29

SPECIAL REPORT | Mandela's vision of black unity fades as South Africa ...

Many thousands of hopefuls fleeing rural penury in much poorer nations like Tanzania and Malawi have packed themselves ...


ANC commits to basic income grant in two years of its new government

The party said on Wednesday its new government, should it be re-elected after the May 29 polls, will ensure the basic ...

Politics Editor's Choice

Rural voters weigh frustrations vs ANC loyalty

In Nelson Mandela's hometown Qunu there has been no running water since 2016, jobs are scarce and crime is rising as ...

By Nellie Peyton and Nqobile Dludla
Politics Editor's Choice

POLL | Is the Jabulani Khumalo, MK Party saga making you take the party ...

Are you taking the MK Party less seriously because of its internal squabbles with Jabulani Khumalo?

By TimesLIVE

TERTIUS WESSELS | Clear policies needed for political affiliations in the ...

Political neutrality plays a crucial role in maintaining a safe and cohesive work environment, writes advocate Tertius ...

By Tertius Wessels
The right of a person to vote freely in democratic elections, to express him or herself without hindrance, to gather and associate as one wishes, to move freely in one’s land – these are precious freedoms that lift the human spirit and give expression to our God-given rights.
Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela


Opinion & Analysis Editor's Choice

PETER BRUCE | Change is nothing to be scared of

OK, so there’s a lot at stake on Wednesday. Either the ANC, after ruling the country for 30 years, gets a parliamentary ...

Peter Bruce
Editor-at-large & columnist
Opinion & Analysis Editor's Choice

EDITORIAL | History will be made this week — be sure to be part of it

In this 30th year of democracy, far more is at stake in the elections than usual.

By Sunday Times Editoral

POPO MOLEFE | A call to all South Africans to uphold the integrity of ...

On Wednesday more than 27-million South Africans, who have registered as voters, will participate in national and ...

By Popo Molefe

WILLIAM GUMEDE | Many voters are hooked on their abusive rulers

The outcome of South Africa’s election will depend on whether large numbers of black voters can break the psychological ...

S'THEMBISO MSOMI | Let’s turn down the volume on the alarmist poll talk

There is no shortage of warnings about what a scorned MK Party might do during and after the elections, but it’s a case ...

S'thembiso Msomi
Editor: Sunday Times

The real historic occasion

A police general stares down taxi bosses — why can’t we vote for him, asks Hogarth.

By Hogarth
Opinion & Analysis Editor's Choice

TOM EATON | Getting into a tizzy on X about where voters are likely to put ...

Twitter has proved many South Africans still take party politics intensely seriously — maybe a bit too seriously?


PROF SETHULEGO MATEBESI | Clock ticks down to high-stakes elections

This is a new era of unprecedented opposition politics in the democratic space, writes Prof Sethulego Matebesi.

By Prof Sethulego Matebesi
Opinion & Analysis Editor's Choice

ANALYSIS | MK Party’s approach to UN forum unlikely to succeed

Though it is notionally possible, such cases take years and are not binding

Franny Rabkin
Legal correspondent

TOYIN AKINNIYI | Technology should enrich civic space in Africa

Technology has featured in elections and will feature more prominently in elections this year around the world, writes ...

By Toyin Akinniyi
Opinion & Analysis Editor's Choice

LUCKY MATHEBULA | When all is said and done, the voter will decide

The decline of the ANC and DA has been a function of voter turnout


Elections 2024: 10 variables of profound importance

A confluence of factors could redefine the trajectory of the May 29 elections, writes Prof Theo Neethling.

By Theo Neethling

Riding the ghost train to power?

Hogarth knows that in an attempt to interest the young in voting in the upcoming elections some opposition parties ...

By Hogarth
Opinion & Analysis Editor's Choice

S'THEMBISO MSOMI | Ramaphosa seems to be coming back, but will he be ...

The president’s sympathisers argue that his first term was severely constrained by the way he had to carefully navigate ...

S'thembiso Msomi
Editor: Sunday Times

BARNEY MTHOMBOTHI | A few words on a poster is all voters have to make up ...

We’re saddled with dinosaurs trafficking old and outdated ideas, writes Barney Mthombothi.

EBRAHIM FAKIR & CHRIS LANDSBERG | A government of national unity would ...

After this year’s watershed elections, governance must be about joint responsibility and accountability, for the ...

By Ebrahim Fakir and Chris Landsberg

PATRICIA DE LILLE | Consigning patriarchy to the dustbin of history is the ...

The men who dominate politics aren’t up to the job of putting an end to patriarchy, writes Patricia de Lille.


MAT CUTHBERT | A dishonest tale by an EFF apparatchik

DA MP Mat Cuthbert responds to Makhudu Sefara’s column last week

By Mat Cuthbert
Business Times Editor's Choice

ZANDILE MAKHOBA | Jobs trump the unemployment grant as South Africans grow ...

For a year of expected weak economic growth, the latest employment statistics show that the country is maintaining a ...

By Zandile Makhoba

ZINGISWA LOSI | Solid progress in improving workers’ lives

Workers’ Month is a reminder of our many challenges and achievements, writes Zingiswa Losi.

By Zingiswa Losi

PETER BRUCE | Cynical Cyril keeps the masses at bay

The modern ANC version of equality is broken roads, no water and the stink of sewage for all, writes Peter Bruce.

Peter Bruce
Editor-at-large & columnist
Opinion & Analysis Editor's Choice

EDITORIAL | In their desperation for votes, have politicians lost their ...

Several politicians have made controversial, xenophobic and insensitive remarks as they criss-cross the country ahead ...

Opinion & Analysis Editor's Choice

OPINION | Do social grant recipients reward political parties with votes?

Research concludes that a combination of other factors will drive voter decisions in the upcoming election

By Leila Patel and Yolanda Sadie

TOM EATON | Fasten your seat belts — for some May 30 may be a rough landing

Two weeks before the election, Tom Eaton looks at the scenarios around a major electoral upset, as South Africans ...

By Tom Eaton
News Editor's Choice

EDITORIAL | What has become of South African society — reflect on the 30 ...

The reflection on democracy should also be about the society that South Africa has become

On May 29, we cannot allow ourselves to fall silent. This is the day South Africa will go to the polls for the 2024 national and provincial elections, as announced by the presidency on Tuesday, after consultations with the Independent Electoral Commission. It is the day on which every South African 18 and older should make their voice heard.
TimesLIVE Premium Editorial


LISTEN | EFF's Mbuyiseni Ndlozi asks Zuma to quit politics

The EFF’s Mbuyiseni Ndozi says his party’s friend, MK Party leader Jacob Zuma, must go home and rest because he had his ...

Bulelani Nonyukela
Audio producer

LISTEN | Vote, don’t sip: Malema says no drunkards on May 29

EFF leader Julius Malema says voters should not be tempted by alcohol on election day but prioritise the polls.

Bulelani Nonyukela
Audio producer
Politics Editor's Choice

LISTEN | Western Cape led by 'witches', says Mbalula, 'give ANC a chance'

Western Cape must vote ANC or miss out on ANC-government benefits, says party's secretary-general, Fikile Mbalula.

Bulelani Nonyukela
Audio producer

LISTEN | Let's get criminals out of the ANC: Mbeki has not buried the ...

Former ANC president Thabo Mbeki says he has not put his grievances aside with the party, which “will have to get the ...

Bulelani Nonyukela
Audio producer
Politics Editor's Choice

LISTEN | Malema changes tune on vote rigging as elections loom

EFF leader Julius Malema claims load-shedding will be implemented when vote counting starts and votes will be stolen.

Bulelani Nonyukela
Audio producer

PODCAST | Zuma is out for revenge and has nothing to lose

Zuma feels wronged by corruption allegations, is out for revenge against his successor and will wreak havoc, we hear in ...

Mike Siluma
Sunday Times deputy editor
Politics Editor's Choice

LISTEN | 'Whoever becomes president must not have a bloated cabinet' — ...

Chris Hani's widow Limpho says whoever becomes president after the May 29 general elections should not have a bloated ...

Thabo Tshabalala
Multimedia producer
Politics Editor's Choice

LISTEN | Malema prepared to offer EFF votes to ANC but with one condition ...

With less than two months to go before the May 29 elections, EFF leader Julius Malema says he is prepared to give the ...


How will uMkhonto we Sizwe's new party will affect KZN? DA's Chris Pappas weighs in.

A man was caught removing an ANC election poster from a lampost in Johannesburg said he wanted to use it to advertise the party. #SouthAfrica #News

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