Innovative online portal EvenMe takes youth career support to a whole new level

18 October 2017 - 07:30 By EvenMe
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South Africa’s future lies on the shoulders of a generation that has been subjected to inefficiencies and shortfalls in both educational support and career guidance. There are simply not enough jobs available to create economic growth, so, in order to fuel the country’s economy, it is imperative that the youth are equipped with the tools and know-how to become entrepreneurial power-houses, creating the streams of income that the previous generations have failed to provide.

It is into this void that the innovative new concept EvenMe has entered, providing a platform for the youth to interact, connect and learn. It offers informative sections on:

  • Free online learning in everything from history to computer science
  • Links to SA’s major online jobs portals
  • Fantastic motivational talks on entrepreneurship
  • Essential tips and advice to help you make the best career choices
  • Links to all the Varsity Sports pages and the Varsity Sports app
  • Music from EvenMe’s very awesome music ambassador, A.C.E.
  • FREE downloads of Microsoft products to compile CVs, portfolios and business plans

The portal is the brainchild of Corporate Fundamentals owner and founder Jill Young and her business partner and "idea-ologist" on the platform, Gavin Jones.

“When I was retrenched a few years back, I decided to go out and do something on my own,” says Young. “I realised how hard it is to get guidance and information as an entrepreneur and how difficult it is to find the right information that’s of relevance and presented in a simple, exciting and meaningful format to assist entrepreneurs.”

Young’s palpable energy and enthusiasm are matched by that of Jones, who brings his own experience and business acumen into the mix.

“We want to give the youth – or in fact anyone – the tools to help them be whatever and whoever they want to be, to give them a platform to talk and share, and to find the opportunities that exist, all in one place,” he says.

And they have made it happen with the help of their powerful partners. Microsoft, Tiso Blackstar Group, Edcon, My Star and Star Schools have come on board, along with Khan Academy, Edgars Connect and Varsity Sport.

“There is no doubt that the backing of our partners has provided us with both the reputability and functional capacity that we needed in order to get the project off the ground,” says Young. “Each partner has brought vital resources into the project, helping to create a truly unique multifunctional and comprehensive online portal and mobile app.”

Representing the youth for whom the project was conceived are five incredibly talented and driven young EvenMe ambassadors. Logan Meintjies, aka A.C.E., is the rapper and sound technician responsible for the EvenMe theme song, which can be heard on the website and who represents the platform’s music section.

Ryan Rae is the quiet, surprisingly serious professional soccer player who offers his experience to the sports category. The business ambassador is the remarkable Kyle Jones, whose ambition and age-defying maturity mark him as a future leader, while entrepreneurship is headed up by Wernando Stoltz, who already has two businesses under his belt. Finally, the lovely and energetic Zylvah Makola offers her experience and insight into recruitment and job-hunting.

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