Meet Sanusha Naidoo, creative technologist, Absa Africa design office

18 October 2017 - 11:03 By Lisa Kalk
Sanusha Naidoo.
Sanusha Naidoo.
Image: Supplied.



Home town:

Lenasia, Johannesburg.

What motivated you to approach Digital Academy?

I read about the academy’s work and the processes they put young developers through, and wanted to be part of that. 

Tell us more about your Digital Academy experience?

My team and I built an app / web-based syncing software, and a website, for small businesses and entrepreneurs; that turns users’ phones or computers into personal assistants while simultaneously tracking the growth of their business. The development processes that the academy put us through provided an in-depth view of how real-world developers work.

What did you gain from the academy?

I gained skills that are useful to my career in development, made amazing friends and built a great network of developers.

How has your involvement with the academy changed your life?

The Digital Academy laid down a crucial foundation for me in my career as a female developer. I have more confidence in my abilities as a developer, I am generally more confident as a person, and I have a strong sense of determination to be successful in all that I do. Getting this internship has built my credibility and opened up magical doors for me.

What happened after you graduated from the academy?

I landed a four-month internship as a creative technologist for the Absa Design Office. About a month and half into my internship, I was told I was going to be made permanent staff, and officially became part of the team. I have now been given responsibility on major projects, and even got to travel to Cape Town for a project. The doors that this opportunity has opened up for me are just incredible.